Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Returning to Some PiPs and Another Deck Swap Coming!

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I don't know about you, but there are many, many creative projects I begin. I'm sad to say, they often take far longer to complete than they should. Luckily, I have gotten inspired to return to some of my abandoned projects and they are getting my creative juices flowing!

Return to my Shabby Scrap Journals
Last year, I began to create journal covers as I started to make my way through the Mary Ann Moss online workshop, "Remains of the Day Shabby Scrap Journal". Last week, I returned to my journals to start sewing some pages for them:

I used paper clips to keep my scraps together prior to sewing them together - I do this when creating collages too...

I had to look up information on how other people who sew paper with their machines manage to do it without having thread tension problems and it seems that using a very fine needle goes a long way toward keeping the tension on both sides of the paper even and smooth. Once I got started with my size 8 needle, the sewing was a breeze!

 A page sewn together. You might notice that my threads match elements being sewn - that's how I roll!

So far, I have been rather restrained in my sewing pages together, compared with the style of Mary Ann Moss and her very visually dense journal pages. For my journals, I like some space for resting my eyes, and some writing, upon...but I might continue to add to my sewn pages, which I will share at my Facebook page for some real-time creating fun! In the meantime, here is how the finished (so far!) sewn pages look combined with other artful papers ready to be made into signatures:

Some vintage lace added to the edge of the cover - now a tie to keep it closed and the cover will be complete...

And just think - I still have another shabby journal to fill!!

My second journal cover pinned and ready to be stitched...

My second journal cover surrounded by some hand dyed papers, watercolor paper and some special decorative paper I bought last year before my challenge...

Vintage Button Bracelet
A few months ago, I began to create a button bracelet using items purchased from last years Costume College. With the next Costume College looming on the horizon, I felt I should attempt to complete this bracelet project to wear at the upcoming event, but I got stalled due to the button shank needing some filing. Well, I finally got around to that last week...

Filing away in the kitchen so the metal shavings could be washed down the sink...

I really got the shank down compared to how it looked a few months ago...

And now I can finish gluing the pieces together as I decided to arrange them:

The bracelet will look great with some earrings I recently completed...now to create a pendant to make a whole set! ;)

I know I have a personal challenge to buy no new art supplies, and I have extended this challenge to virtually all supplies for all crafts, but I may have to break this challenge to purchase a few more bracelet chains so I can make a few more button bracelets. I have enough supplies to complete the myriad variations I played with before choosing my final bracelet design:

 Some of these variations are really pretty but I can't have all these bracelets...or can I??!? ;)

Jessica Brogan is hosting another card deck swap!! You can read more about it at her lovely new website for her card deck swaps...I love the theme for this swap: song lyrics! I love music and there are many wonderful songs I love for the lyrics, so this card swap would be great fun for me. If I join in, you can be sure I'll share my deck with you before they are mailed off.

Next week is my 4 year blogiversary and I'm thinking of a giveaway, though I'm not sure what it will be, but I'll have an idea by July 29, which is the big day - I hope you'll stop by to celebrate this momentous occasion!

I'm off to continue working on my shabby scrap journals and a few other book projects I began this year but stopped, so be sure to stay tuned to see the progress!


Gill said...

I love your journal pages! Thanks for the tip about the needle size!

Kathryn Hansen said...

good for you getting back to old projects...i keep chastising myself for having SO many unfinished drawings in my drawer...some almost complete too!! jinky!

LOVE your fabric journal...just lovely!!!