Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Projects I'm Working On..

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I've been up to all kinds of creativity lately and I'm so excited to share some of my personal projects in knitting and jewelry making...

Projects In Process (PiPs) - KNITTING
Awhile ago, I shared a head kerchief I knitted for a fellow Artful Journey attendee, based on one I had made for myself. I've had some head kerchief patterns squirreled away for some time now and I finally started knitting one of them - it's called the Olivia Kerchief and you can find it on Ravelry...here is the progress I've made on my Olivia Kerchief so far:

Gifted yarn from one of my knitting buddies - I can't tell you the brand but I think it's a merino wool...

This pattern is really interesting since you begin by knitting one of the kerchief ties, then increase stitches to create the triangle shape, and you decrease stitches until you end with the other kerchief tie. ALL increases are done on one side of the knitting and the 'lace' edging is creating by decreasing just two stitches! I have not made very much lace in my knitting life, so the concept of taking away stitches to create a lace pattern, instead of increasing them, is a novelty for me!

Another knitting project I've been working on is a return to my very first lace shawl, the Traveling Companion Shawl, which I mentioned in this blog post, last September:

I had finally finished the last lace section which meant it was time to begin the charted lace section - the final section to complete this project. I have worked with charted lace before, but on a smaller scale for a mitts pattern, so the thought of tackling a large chart of lace intimidated me! I decided it was time to tackle the chart so, with a little help from one of the lovely ladies at my local yarn shop (LYS), and encouragement from my knitting buddies, I began the first four rows of the charted lace. If you look carefully, you can see the lace 'holes' forming:

Now that I have begun the lace chart, I feel better about getting this project completed...then I can begin my next shawl that actually launched my current mania for shawl knitting, the Nefertem Shawl! Not to mention the other patterns I've been squirreling away as this shawl mania has been consuming me ;)

It's been awhile since I've worked on any jewelry projects, but as I was doing a bit of tidying up in my creative space a few weeks ago, I uncovered some items I had purchased at a fun event last August. It's called Costume College and I have heard about this event for YEARS, but I had never attended one until last year. Though, it was really shopping in the vendor room that I did, with my dear boyfriend coming along for fun!

There was a vendor selling vintage inspired bracelets with vintage buttons and she was selling kits to make your own bracelet. There was also an option to buy the bracelet base in case you had your own buttons to work with. I purchased a bracelet base, along with a few buttons that I liked, then forgot about it all until the other week. I decided it was time to start working on the bracelet before another round of Costume College came along...so much for tidying up my creative space!

Element configuration #1

I bought the brass and silver floral buttons, knowing I had PLENTY of vintage mother of pearl buttons to include for my bracelet. My only problem was, which configuration to chose from for the final design???!?

Element configuration #2

Element configuration #3

vintage inspired bracelet
Element configuration #4 - the dark silver floral buttons are from my personal collection

I really like all the configurations of the elements for each bracelet design, but I have decided to go with #3...though if I can find the vendor selling these bracelet bases, I may buy more of them to make up the other design configurations...which I could sell in my Etsy shop!

There is one little hitch I have bumped up against in making this bracelet - removing the shank from the back of the large brass button...

Vintage mother-of-pearl button from my collection

If you look closely at the previous photos, you can see the shanks I managed to remove from the back of the smaller brass and silver toned buttons. The large brass toned button, above, has been a LOT harder to remove, so I enlisted the help of my dear boyfriend...but even he had some trouble removing all of the shank:

I will have to file away the remains so I'll have an even surface to work with, which means this bracelet will take a little longer to complete than I had hoped, but it will look wonderful when it's done...and I might be able to wear it to the next Costume College taking place in August!

The centerpiece for my vintage inspired bracelet to be completed by August - you heard it here first!

Another jewelry project I've been working on is completing a mis-matched pair of mixed media earrings...here is the one I've been working on completing:

mixed media earrings
 Mixed media earring in process: paper ephemera scraps, vintage button and lace scrap

This earring is part of a pair that I shared a photo of here on my blog. Sadly, one of the earrings got lost...but since I had a single earring from another pair I decided I would make them a collage/mixed media pair of earrings. Here is how I altered the first single earring:

While at the Artful Journey retreat in February, I asked for elements from some of the participants to use in creating the long earring. I got some paper ephemera from a fellow book maker in my workshop, and a scrap of lace from a participant in another workshop. I had hoped to work on the earring before leaving the retreat, but since I was doing so much book and paper making, it didn't happen until the other week. I'm happy with the results:

Completed earring with paper ephemera, lace and vintage button on brass metal base

A completed pair of mis-matched mixed-media earrings!

Now that the pair is complete, I can wear them to next years Artful Journey event! Be sure to check out the Artful Journey Retreat website and join the Artful Journey Facebook page for details. Today was the announcement of the line-up of teachers, so it will be a great event next year, as always!

In Other News
I received my packet of cards from the Inspirational Card Deck Swap!!

 Lots of creative goodness is hiding in these packets - I can't wait to see them all!

I will be looking at them all during the week ahead and I'll share more details about them in my next blog post...

I have an exciting and important meeting this week to discuss the possibility of teaching my creative workshops at a location that is close to home, that might provide a wider audience. I'll share more about this meeting soon...

I have three more posts before I reach 500 blog posts!! And the month of July will mark my 4 year Blogiversary! I guess some giveaways are in order for these momentous occasions, so be sure to stay tuned for all the upcoming excitement!!

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