Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog Post #499 - On Work(shops) and Rest...

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend! I had fun attending the Renaissance Pleasure Faire with my dear boyfriend and I wore a chemise that I had recently re-dyed in a navy blue color...which had previously been dyed a deep periwinkle color! Here I am in my Ren Faire garb:

The chemise and skirt made by yours truly; the bodice is a Ren Faire purchase...

I seem to be surrounded by the color blue lately, which is not a usual go-to color for me, but I think it must be surrounding me for the calm and RESTFUL qualities it is associated with, some qualities I feel in need of these days...

'Then it's work, work, work, all the time...'*
I have been doing a LOT of work and hustling to launch my creative career, and much of the work I have been doing is looking into various possibilities for generating income, such as teaching workshops...

Student creation from my "I Am" a French Fold Book workshop, which turned into a party event!

I began teaching workshops from my home due to the fact that many of the craft venues that usually hosted such workshops began to close down before I could approach them with my ideas. Also, from  my experience in Orly Avineri's fabulous art journal workshops, I know first-hand the cozy intimacy created by in-home workshops...however, it's a lot of work to launch a workshop series and to be honest, it's been very slow going, with very few of my workshops actually being held due to lack of students...but NOT from lack of interest!

 I had no students for this fun, creative workshop, though there was some interest in the project...

I decided to look into my local community college, remembering they had a catalog of continuing education for adults. I was delighted to find that the office was still in the same location and I met with the manager of the department, who explained a few basics for submitting an application. I made an appointment to meet with him in person so I could show and discuss the work I do and the workshops I offer.

Now, I had a wild idea that I should have samples for every workshop idea/outline I had ever created, which was not a smart idea, since I discovered that I have 15 workshop ideas I have written up over the past three years! I came to the conclusion that my plan of action would be bringing samples of my creative work, such as my art journals and fabric scrap book, and then inform the manager about the workshops I've hosted so far, with samples to show. This meeting took place last Thursday...

The manager was intrigued with my work and samples, especially my mail art postcards. I brought some old samples, then decided at the last minute to make a new mail art postcard, using one of my personal values on it:

The manager was quite taken with the idea of a mail art postcard workshop, especially one that uses self discovery exercises for uncovering personal values. He also liked the French fold book workshop I created:

He requested that I submit proposal applications for the two workshops to try out in the Fall catalog and these applications needed to be submitted within days of our meeting since the due date for all applications was May 20th.

Luckily for me, I already had the outlines and descriptions of my workshops ready to go, but I was asked to submit a resume and I knew that my old office job resumes would not really work in this case, so an artist resume was needed...and I didn't have one!

With the help of some links from Glenda, of the blog Pilgrim's Thoughts, and a few searches of my own, I managed to cobble together an artist resume, or CV as they are often called.

I am proud to say that my first community college workshops have been submitted!

I will not hear back until late June or July, but I feel very good about this accomplishment. It feels like a big and important step in my creative career.

Now, I feel ready to take a bit of a break and that will include this blog...but not for long!

Time for PLAY!
The Memorial holiday is fast approaching and this would be a good time to take a little vacation from all my hustling and hard work. I can use the time to play in my art journals:

 I still have to finish coloring in the lovely doodles made by fellow journal-ers from Orly's workshop!

...continue with the cleaning of my cluttered home:

My work table as it usually looks...though it was clean enough to see the table top for about 24 hours last week!!

...catch up on the assignments for the two online workshops I'm participating in: Of The Heart** and The Botanical Journal:

 It's Peony Season again and just in time for The Botanical Journal - YAY!!
...and sew up a few things like some aprons or some summer skirts...or maybe a new recycled t-shirt dress from this batch of t-shirts I recently prepped for cutting into a garment:

And of course, the next blog post will be my 500th blog post, so a giveaway is definitely in order! I can certainly try to use some of my 'playtime' figuring out what to give away here at my blog - maybe a specially hand-crafted item or a slew of art supplies I am no longer using...I'll be sure to have it figured out by June 4, when I return from my little break.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by my blog! Be sure to stay creative and be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming giveaway!

* - Can you name the movie this quote is from??? ;)
** - You can still join the workshop and its open for a whole year, which means lots of time to catch up =)

PS: I am working on figuring out Bloglovin since Google reader will cease to exist in June - I should have a widget so you can follow me there soon!
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Kathryn Hansen said...

Sounds like a whirlwind of exciting possibilities!! good luck Monica!! Have you ever thought of e-courses, seems like a perfect fit?

Glenda Hoagland said...

Monica, whet a wonderful post. You look smashing in he Ren Faire outfit. I am glad that you are so actively pursuing your dreams. Thanks for mentioning my Blog. I was happy to help in any way I can. Blessings to you.