Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update: My "No New Art Supplies" Challenge

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I thought it might time for an update on my "Buy No New Art Supplies" challenge I have taken on for myself this year, especially since I wound up buying something: PAPER...

However, this paper was not bought for my personal use or amusement, which is really the main issue for my challenge. I bought this paper to use for more book binding projects, as I was running out of plain copy paper to make them, as I mentioned in this post...

Scrapbook paper cut into covers for stab stitch books to be made...

I began to cut more stab stitch book covers from scrapbook/card stock paper in my current stash, in an effort to begin using up what I have, but since I realized I was running out of plain copy paper to use for the pages, I have been a little stymied about how to make more books without any plain copy paper. I do have quite a lot of this style of lined paper, which is usually used in the classroom, considering the dashed lines between the solid lines...

This paper is generally used for my small books due to the hole punching in the margin

Regarding my challenge, I have decided it will be okay to buy paper supplies for my BOOK MAKING, since I am selling my books in my Etsy shop, thus turning my abundant supplies into profits, which I need...though my intention was to purchase a ream of PLAIN copy paper!

However, when I discovered this ream of lined paper in a local thrift store, I was smitten, especially since this paper is NOT hole-punched, AND it is inked in shades of blue, with no red margin lines...

Cool, calm blue lines and no hole-punched margins - this paper will be great for book pages!

...And did I mention that this ream of paper cost me all of .50¢??


(is it fair to say I would have been a FOOL to not bring home this wonderful deal??!?)

I was quite fascinated by the fact that this paper is quite unlike any stationary office paper I have seen before - have any of you encountered paper like this? I'm curious to know if it is meant for any special use...

In the meantime, my dear boyfriend purchased a ream of regular copy paper for me to use for my book making which I've already begun to use...and I'm already running out!

So, I have begin to use some other paper in my stash that was nearly forgotten about - lined newsprint paper:

Inner front cover from a new hand-bound journal - it is listed as a 'gratitude journal'

I have a ream or two of this fun lined paper that is usually found in the elementary classroom. I have used it in the gratitude journal I made this year and I have to say that I love the texture of this paper - writing on it is a dream...

The cover of one of my new 'gratitude journals', listed in my Etsy shop along with this journal

I have begun to use this paper in some 6"x6" stab stitch books that I have listed as 'gratitude journals' in my Etsy shop. There are only 3 books available this week and I have a few other stab stitch books in large and small sizes with plain copy paper for the pages.

I do like a square-shape book and I love the gratitude journal I made for myself, so I may begin to create a series of 'gratitude journals' to sell in my Etsy shop. I truly enjoy this practice of gratitude before going to sleep and I think you would too!

I do have more book ideas in the works, so stay tuned!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

there are always excepts...and .50 cents seems to be a good exception!!!!

i have to say i love the elementary paper for a journal...very cool!!