Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Submitting Work for Exhibit...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
It seems I have been remiss in sharing some big projects I have been working on lately, but I hope to remedy this with my blog posts for this week. Firstly, there are some recycled art books I have completed and submitted for possible exhibit...

Submitting My Art Work
For those of you that have been reading this blog for some time, you might remember a special recycled art book I created as a donation piece that was auctioned on behalf of City Hearts, a non-profit I have worked with during and after my last job. I really enjoyed creating that book and I began to make a few others, but eventually I stalled on completing them.

Luckily, I was inspired to complete two of my stalled books due to a posting in a local Yahoo group looking for artist submissions to be exhibited at a local eco-festival that will take place later in May...

handmade books
One of my art books in process of being decorated - this book came together pretty quickly

 The festival is called WorldFest Earth Day and it seems that this is the first year they are asking for artwork to exhibit. I have submitted my art books under the category of "sustainability" after reading through all the categories available. The sustainability category includes recycling and ecology and I think my art books represent that.

Playing With Layouts of Elements
Interestingly enough, the two books I completed were already bound together, they only needed some decoration to be completed as art books. One of them came together fairly quickly, which you can see in the first image above. The second book took a little longer to come together as you will see in the following images:

Elements are placed around the cover as I try to choose only ONE configuration - this is Version #1

Version #2

handmade books
Version #3

 Version #4

art books
Version #5

I had three elements to assemble as decoration for the book cover and this was for each book. The first book was easy to decide upon as the small red corners covering the strip of vintage accounting ledger paper against the spine edge of the book looked right and a little gold paint stenciled onto the cover added the right touch. This second book had three paper ephemera elements that could be configured in a number of ways and many of them looked good - it was hard to decide on a configuration but I eventually did choose...

Then I had to photograph the completed books to submit them!

My recycled art books have been submitted for entry to the WorldFest Earth Day Art Exhibit!

Final Details
I have been in contact with the artistic director for this event to get as much information I could prior to submitting my work. I have submitted work for exhibit before but since this is more of an ecological organization, instead of an art organization, they had few of the usual guidelines for submitting my work. I did title these art books, which is not something I do often with my work, but the titles came to me and they seemed fitting...

book binding
"Gilded Accounts" recycled and re-purposed art book

book binding
"Vintage Baby" recycled and re-purposed art book

I also wrote up an artist statement for these entries, which I don't do very often for most of my work. Here is the statement I submitted with my art books:

"As a book lover, artist and book binder, I love to create books using old or worn materials. I also enjoy breathing life into old books by altering them or turning them into art journals. "Gilded Accounts" and "Vintage Baby" are created with the purpose of recycling the pages of old math and physics books, alongside sheets of vintage sheet music and plain, lined or graph paper to create a unique book that is meant to be used, handled and lovingly worn by the owner of the book.

The blank, lined and graph paper used for many of the book pages are meant to be used for "field notes" or for journaling, whether it is written journaling or art journaling. The paper ephemera that make up the remaining pages of the book can also be used for journaling, but they also provide the owner with visually interesting or inspiring material to look at or decipher, much like a visual puzzle or toy. These pages are also meant to be used for written or artful work.
Each book recycles various elements and ephemera giving new life to the original materials. Each book is a unique, one-of-kind, hand-bound volume that can not be recreated, thus making it an original work of art."

art books

These books will be listed in my Etsy shop if they are not accepted into the art exhibit*. However, if they are accepted, I will have the option to sell them at the event!

I did not realize that selling them through the exhibit was an option until I read the details on the actual WorldFest website - the information from the Yahoo listing only mentioned the availability of vendor spaces which are far too expensive for me at this time.

My primary goal in getting into this exhibit is to gain some visibility for my work, but if I can make a sale of my work, I will be happy with that!

Here's hoping one of my books makes it into the exhibit - I'll be sure to keep you all posted so stay tuned!

* - I should know by May 17th if my books have been accepted =-)

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