Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sewing Project: Patching up a Skirt...

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
Today I'll be sharing a project on patching up the holes in a t-shirt skirt. The skirt was found in a thrift shop in Ventura, while on my way home from the Artful Journey of course I have to share about my stop in Ventura!

Visiting Ventura:
I usually stop in Santa Barbara for a meal on my way home from the retreat, but I decided to stop in Ventura instead. I have mentioned how much I love the city of Ventura and though I made a trip in early February, I decided another visit was in order!

I parked at the far end of Main Street, close to the mission, which I don't get to see often on my trips to Ventura...

Across the street from the mission, there is a small park with a fabulous large tree, which reminds me of my favorite tree in Ventura:

There is also an interesting fountain with water running along a specially made channel to another fountain directly across from it; you can see the channel in this image:

and a detail shot of the channel in this image:

I also discovered a new store I had not seen on my last trip to Ventura and it's called "Copperfield's":

 With a sign like this, you know it's got to be a great store!
It was a wonderful shop of gifts and stationary, along with a small section of vintage and second hand books! I wasn't able to get shots of the interior but they did allow me to photograph the fabulous store window display:

Look at this fabulous vintage bicycle! Can you see the insect specimens framed on the wall?!?

After perusing the shop, I made my way to one of many thrift shops on this side of Main Street and found a simple, yet fun skirt made of t-shirt fabric:

It's a simple shape in a neutral color that I know I can wear all Spring and Summer, not to mention the comfort of this skirt made in soft t-shirt jersey.

Alas, it had some holes!!

Tiny holes along the side seam of the skirt near the hip area; they might be hidden with a t-shirt, but it's best to patch them up before they get too big...

I probably shouldn't have brought this skirt home, since it would become another project that might linger, but I knew I could patch up these holes in a fun and creative way, so I decided to be sure to work on this project instead of letting it add to the pile of things to be fixed, altered or repaired.

Here is how I patched up these little holes, in a decorative way, step by step:

I used some iron-on interfacing ironed to the back of the back of the skirt where the holes are to strengthen the fabric and decided to use some flower buttons to cover the holes in a decorative way...

Then I realized that these flowers would need some leaves so I used some thick embroidery thread trying to make 'leaves' in one way...

...only to realize that dangling threads weren't working, so I tried making loops and it looked much better, especially after the flower buttons were sewn on:

I also added one more little flower button near the hem - in case I wear a short top that shows the patched areas, another little flower will help to make it seem like a design feature. However, most times my tops are longer so they will actually hide the patching I did, as you can see with this outfit idea I'm playing with...

This outfit is made up of second-hand items: top, skirt and shrug - not bad for a coordinated outfit!

I guess it's okay if you don't see the top flower patches, since you can see the bottom embellishment...sort of!

At least I patched up this skirt so it can worn and I didn't let it linger in my "to do" pile! That is a big accomplishment!

Next week I'll be sharing an update on my "Buy No New Art Supplies" challenge and where I am with it, so be sure to stay tuned!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

i love Ventura was like being back there again!! boy do i hear you about lingering projects!! congrats on getting right to looks great!!