Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exciting Events to Share...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
The past weekend was packed full with some exciting events and I'm dying to share them with you - participating in the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl and facilitating my first creative workshop party event! Both events were a lot of fun and filled with lots of stories to share. Today I will share the fun of the Yarn Crawl and I will share about the party event in my next post...

I am excited to share my yarn crawl adventure with you because I got to meet a personal knitting hero on this outing!

Yarn Crawling
This is the second year of the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl, where many yarn shops participate with special trunk shows, giveaways and raffles. You can get a passport from any participating shop and if you get a stamp from EVERY STORE that is participating, you turn in the passport to enter the big drawing...now, I have no idea what the big drawing was, since I am on a personal challenge to "Buy No New Art Supplies" and I have extended this to include yarn and fabrics, in an effort to use up my abundant supplies! However, part of the fun of the crawl is to visit stores you normally don't patronize and you also see many fellow knitters in the community and view their handiwork if they are wearing it...and many knitters were wearing lovely shawls and scarves to admire and gush over!

Since I was not planning on visiting every shop on the itinerary, I did not bother to get a passport, but the fellow knitter who invited me to join her had one and we used it to create a 'plan of attack', with our biggest day on Friday...

On The Road...Without a Map!
So...many of you know I do not have internet at home. My fellow knitter called me in the morning to get help finding computer directions for the region we were going to, (which later turned out to be farther than we thought!) and just when she was about print some directions out, her computer crashed!!

I brought along my old Thomas Guide and we made a stop at a local coffee place to use the Wi-Fi with my i-Pad to get some basic directions and then we were on the road...to Claremont, CA, over 35 miles from our starting point and we were heading to a region that had not existed at the time of my Thomas Guide which is dated 1991!

oops... ;)

Needless to say, we had a few fits and starts when we arrived to the area of Claremont but we found our first destination: Bourgee Boutique...

This was a sweet little shop run by a kind and generous mother and daughter team. They were so generous they gave me and my friend a ball of yarn each! I also bought some cute knitting tools - butterfly stitch markers:

Though I can not buy yarn, I can certainly accept a gift of yarn if one if feeling generous! This yarn is a rich chocolate brown that would make some great doll hair...or I might mix it with other brown yarns to make a fun pair of playful textured mitts.

Our next stop was Colors 91711...

 The owner of Colors 91711 greeting all the knitters just outside of her shop

This turned out to be my favorite shop due to the colorful yarns and the inspiring environment of the shop:

...not to mention the welcome mat at the front door:

Isn't he the cutest door mat ever?!?

Then we went to the last knitting shop for the city of Claremont called Phebie's NeedleArt...

The stairs to get to Phebie's were colorfully yarn-bombed:

...with a colorful knitted decoration draped at the top of the stairs:

Little did I know that my knitting hero was sitting just inside the shop:

And who IS my knitting hero, you might be asking??

I turned into a full-fledged, geeky, gushing fan, when I realized that I was in the presence of Maggie!

I bought her book when I began to start knitting in a serious way and I found Maggie's book to be VERY helpful. Her style and sense of humor really come through in her book and I do love humor! I told Maggie how much I loved her book and how much I loved her sense of humor in writing it. I also thanked her for all the work she has done writing her books because her books have helped many knitters, such as myself.

Maggie Righetti was kind, warm and of course funny! She allowed me to take photos with her and we did the same for my knitting buddy, who bought Maggie's book and got it signed while we were at the shop.

Laughing with Maggie - of course the image is a bit blurry from laughing so much!

I wish I had thought to check for author book signings - I would have brought my book to have Maggie sign it. Now I know to be better prepared for next year...and I will definitely be participating in the Yarn Crawl next year!

Wrapping It Up
All in all, my friend and I visited 8 shops that day and I had not visited at least 6 of them before, despite the fact that 3 were in the valley where I live! One of them even had a free demo of Kumihimo braiding, which was pretty easy to learn...

Of course, now this means I have a new creative activity to engage in! Luckily this new activity will help me work through my yarns and embroidery threads ;)

I had a lot of fun being with a fellow knitter and getting to know her better, as well as seeing many colorful yarn shops I had never seen before. I am glad to be a knitter and to have met so many enthusiastic knitters of many levels during this event - it is a great creative community to be part of!

I will be sharing the excitement of facilitating my first creative party event in my next post so be sure to stay tuned!

PS: I have a book binding workshop I'll be teaching on Sunday from my home; Contact me if you want to join the fun!

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Marianne said...

Sounds like so much fun. There is a Yarn Crawl coming up in DC. but I will not be crawling. I have soooooo much yarn in my stash and I have no willpower.