Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exciting Event to Share - My First Creative Party Event!

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I am so excited to share some highlights of my first workshop party event I facilitated last weekend, but first let me share how it came about...

One Thing Leads to Another
I wrote about the creative workshop I hosted in my home last month and the fun everyone had in making their French Fold books and uncovering personal values to write on the 'pages' of their books. It seems one of the participants loved the workshop so much, she thought of doing it with some friends to celebrate her birthday...

My student creating the collage base for her French Fold book - she thought it would be great for a party...

A few weeks later, I received an email from this student with a request to facilitate my workshop for her birthday celebration! I was very excited to be asked and we began to negotiate how this would be conducted, not to mention how I would be compensated for this work.

Putting an Event Together
I put together a package plan with different rates depending upon the size of the party she would be hosting. I included a discount if the hostess wanted to provide all supplies for this activity; a discount is always welcome to the event host/hostess and leaving my materials and supplies at home is a break for me as well!

The hostess let me know how many attendees she would have and she even met with me to go over the papers she had to insure she enough to go around, which she did.

Let the Rumpus Begin!
The hostess had a larger party than expected, but it was a group of great people, which included children...and men who got into the act of making a French Fold book!

Paper was flying:

Collages began to come together:

From one of the male attendees - gotta love the rabbit in the corner of the paper!

"Joy" and "family" are coming through in this collage

Values were discovered through sharing happy memories and stories; the values were then written in the books that took form:

It was fun to watch all the party participants get into the fun playfulness of making a collage and watching them grasp how the book comes together with only one cut in the paper and the folding!

Afterward, many of the participants came to tell me how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed the process of creating something that had so much meaning for them. I loved hearing that my project was providing this joyful empowerment!

The host and hostess were really happy I came out to create this event for the birthday celebration and I know that many of their friends will remember this celebration for a long time to come, especially since they all had a book to honor their personal values...

I really love combining creativity with personal growth and I plan to create more projects in the future to teach as workshops...or party events!

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more creative goodness next week!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

wow...that is a really creative and fun idea!! i love it!!