Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Shorts Video: Baby Chicks!

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I thought I would share a little video I made during my time at the Artful Journey Retreat...and just in time for Easter!

My first year at the retreat, I saw a local hardware store in town, so after my first workshop day I made a quick trip to pick up some brushes and glue. While in the store, I discovered that this hardware store sells baby chicks!

Now, I make it a point to visit the baby chicks on my trips to the retreat. This year I thought I would attempt to shoot a video with my pocket camera so you can see these darlings running and chirping away in their holding pen...

Here is the video - enjoy!

Most of the sound for this video is pretty good, but some of it went mute. I have to figure out where the speaker for sound is located on my pocket camera so I don't keep blocking it when making my videos!
I hope you are enjoying a Happy Easter today!


Kathryn Hansen said...

SO cute!!! i can't have the sound on at work anyways!!!:P

Glenda Hoagland said...

They are adorable.