Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Magical Moments - Deer Grazing at Artful Journey!

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I am finally able to share these videos I shot using my COOLPIX pocket camera while at the Artful Journey Retreat...

With some help from my dear boyfriend, the videos were loaded to his computer so he could format them. I then created a YouTube channel to store the videos and with a little more help from my dear boyfriend, I learned how to embed the videos into my blog!

Let me set the scene for these videos I am about to share with you:

I had just returned from a quick trip to town where I had just shot a video of the baby chicks at the hardware store* and as I was rounding the parking lot to park the car, I saw some deer at the edge of the parking lot!

I worked very carefully and quietly to attempt to get close to the deer so I could film them - there might have been a total of 5 deer that happened to be grazing! I shot three different videos to capture the magic of seeing these gentle creatures.

They may not be the best quality considering I used a pocket camera, but I think you just might be able to pick up on the magic feeling this event turned out to be...

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Getting a glimpse of deer where I live is pretty rare and being this close to them is rarer still! I am really glad that my pocket camera has a video option, so I could capture this magical moment...stumbling upon these deer grazing felt like a very good omen at the start of the retreat.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these humble videos. Be sure to stay tuned - the raffle winner will be announced and I will share one more video I know you will enjoy!

* - you will see these darling baby chicks on Sunday, in time for Easter! =-)

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Kathryn Hansen said...

i love deer...there's something magical about them!! you got a good view of them in video #3!!