Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 3 at the Artful Journey Retreat - Show & Tell!

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Today I'll be showing you some peeks at the AMAZING creativity that was shared in the Show & Tell on the final day of workshops at the Artful Journey Retreat. The creativity exhibited was truly AMAZING!!

There were 5 instructors at the retreat:

Students from each workshop shared their amazing creations in the Show & Tell at the end of the third day of workshops and the work created was fabulous. Here is a peek at the work made in Jesse Reno's workshop:

I love the playful creatures that take form in Jesse's workshops and the use of color is truly stunning, especially when you discover that all of Jesse's students are taught to use only 5 basic colors and mix them to create the amazing range of color that you see above. I learned to mix colors this way, so I really appreciate the work made by each and every student!

Here are examples of work made by students in Katie's workshop:

Lots of portraits, color, mixed media and whimsical creatures came to life in Katie's workshop!

Here are a few journal pages from students in Orly's workshop:

There was a great deal of rich texture on the pages of the journals from Orly's students. Just look at the color bursting forth!

Here is work made by the students in D.J.'s workshop, all of it beautiful:

Just look at the beautiful elements that came together to create these gorgeous mixed media journals - lace, ribbons, velvet, muslin, paint washes, transfer images, even burlap and bells for the spine of the book above! I hope DJ is teaching next year because I DEFINITELY want to take her workshop!

Here are examples of work from the students in Albie's workshop - I thought I'd save the best for last! ;)

Gorgeous, colorful papers made by fellow classmates...

I wish I could buy papers like these for my collage work!!

A wonderful example of a French Fold book, with buttons to create a pocket - so CREATIVE!

This looks like an ancient book filled with manuscripts of mystery and magic!

The Show & Tell was amazing! It was great to have everyone share their creative doings, to hear everyone praising each other on their efforts, all of it well deserved!

I hope you have enjoyed these peeks into the Artful Journey retreat and I hope you have been inspired by the wonderful art created by my fellow attendees. Maybe you will find a retreat where you live and make a leap to be there and honor your creativity? I highly recommend it!

There are a few videos I shot during my time at the retreat and I plan to share them later in the week. There is also going to be a raffle winner who will choose one of these books I made at the retreat:

The raffle winner will be announced on the 29th! What book will she choose???

There is some fun stuff coming this week, so be sure to stay tuned!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh my...wonderful art work...all!!
Those pages are amazing

Kathryn Hansen said...

some really wonderful art being made there, seems like such a blast!! would so like to join the fun someday!!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Great pictures, great memories.