Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 2 at Artful Journey Continues - Making a Folio Book

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I'm continuing with my second day at the Artful Journey Retreat where I learned to make paste paper. In my previous post, I talked about using paint to imprint onto other sheets of paper. Today, I'm sharing about my experiments using Albie's beautiful stamps and stencils that she brought to share with us all...

 One of my papers made using one of Albie's fabulous stencils - this stencil would recur in my papers all weekend!

This time, I would be designing paper with stencils and stamps and I would also use the colored gesso paper paste as a wash, instead of a thick layer, although thick layers of colored gesso would also be used...not to mention a little tea to 'age' the papers*!

Left: light gesso wash with heavy gesso border - Right: light gesso wash and heavy layer to show stencil design

I began to play with some colors that some of my classmates had mixed together: olive green and a deep burgundy/eggplant color. This is a favorite color combination of mine and as I began to play with these colors together, a book began to form in my imagination: a folio book...

Folio book opened: inner folio cover with stenciled border and center with tea dyed background to frame the first page of heavy gesso layers and stencil design

There are many sizes to a book as this entry in Wikipedia will tell you. As this book began to form in my imagination I knew instinctively that it was a folio book, not just for the size, but for the slim signature. A book is generally thicker with several pages making up the book block or codex that we are familiar with.

Many of these are codex books, which are from my personal collection of blank journals that will be used this year!

As I made up a large sheet of paper using the olive green and burgundy gesso pastes, I realized that it would make a great cover for a large size book, or folio...

Folio cover opened to show back and front I continued using this color combination to make pages to go into the folio...

LEFT: page with gesso wash and stamped paint - RIGHT: tea dyed page

 LEFT: page with gesso wash and stamped paint - RIGHT: tea dyed page

LEFT: page with gesso layers and stencil design - RIGHT: gesso wash with stamped paint

Now, I am usually not one to 'name' my work, like my journal spreads or art pages that go into my art journals. When participating in Orly's workshops, I would date my pages as a reminder of the date that it was created, especially since it was created in one day.

However, most of my art pages are done in a series of stages, making it hard to pinpoint the actual end date and naming them never quite feels right to me, so I really relate to Jackson Pollacks eventual decision to simply number his works as he did later in career.

As my folio book began to come together, the style of the stamps and stencils used began to reveal a place and time for me...

The backside of the page shown at the top of this blog post with tea dyed background, painted stamp designs and strategically placed smudges...after accidentally smudging it in the first place!

This place and time began to feel like the Old World, like Italy...and since I used the 'gate' stamp as a border and decorative element on the pages, it seemed like a gateway to enter the old world of Italy. Thus, "Gateway to the Old World" was born...

"Gateway to the Old World" - Cover

Center page with inner cover bordering the center page - it all works together!
 Back Cover of "Gateway to the Old World"

I really love how this folio book came together! It is inspiring many ideas of more folios that I plan to create in the future and I will share them here as they begin to come together...

I have another workshop taking place in my home and it utilizes a book form I am familiar with that I saw being made at the retreat. It is called a French Fold book and it is a fun 3-dimensional book form:

You can read more details about this workshop on my Upcoming Events page!

I'm also working with one of my favorite bookstores to offer my book making workshops. I'll let you know how this turns out, so be sure to stay tuned!  

* - This is the project that inspired me to play with making tea dyed papers upon my return home from the retreat =-)

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Coleen said...

I really like all your stenciling work. So many pretty designs. Makes me want to go get mine out. You should put your first name somewhere on your blog. I think I know it, but a bit shy for fear that it might not be right. Anyway, thought I was following you here before but I am now. Love your blog. Hope the class goes well in your home. I love teaching too.
Coleen in Ukraine

PS ~ hope you'll follow on my blog too. Cheers ~