Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 1 at Artful Journey - Paper Washes...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Today I'm sharing some pictures from the first day in Albie's wonderful workshop called "Sumptuous Papers"...

The first day was spent learning how to create color washes with acrylic paints and discovering how using bronze paint mixed with water creates a 'verdigris' patina when dry:

Color washes include bronze paint mixed with a LOT of water - when dry it takes on a 'verdigris' patina...

Sometimes I'd layer paper on top of painted paper to create interesting effects in the paint surface when pulled apart...

This sheet is all bronze wash...

I was also adding a light turquoise wash to my papers along with the bronze wash. When they dried, they looked like this:

My finished papers on display at the "Show & Tell" night. Albie loved how these turned did I!

I eventually turned some of these papers into a series of booklets, but only one of the booklets made it to the "Show & Tell" display:

"Floral Fold Book" made by yours truly!

I was so busy creating as much paper as I could, I nearly forgot to make books! I was in a scramble to bind a few books to display, so many of the books I made were actually bound after the show and tell event. This 'Bronze Age' series of books are the ones that a lucky raffle ticket holder will get to choose from:

I made up two simple pamphlet books and one called "Two Sewn as One" that has a fold in the middle of the spine separating the two signatures. I also made up one other folding book as a companion to the one that made it to the display.

You can see how the bronze wash looks so pretty once it dried on the paper! I then added some stencil designs using solid bronze paint - I'll try to take some shots of the backs of these books and I'll also share details on the "Two Sewn as One" book. I've made a few more books with this technique that also incorporates a pocket, though these books do not have any pockets. It is a really fun technique that is pretty easy to do!

There is more to share in my adventures in paper-making and book-binding so be sure to stay tuned!

PS: There is still time to buy one of my books to get some raffle tickets if you'd like to win one of my beautiful "Bronze Age" books - check out this blog post for details then head to my Etsy shop to buy a book to qualify for the raffle!


Kathryn Hansen said...

i can see how you could get caught up in just creating the's SO pretty!!!

your books are fabulous!!

SueAnn Lommler said...
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SueAnn Lommler said...

Paper making is so seductive. I love it
Your colors turned out fantastic

The Creative Beast said...

Thank you ladies! I had SO much fun making paper in this workshop =-)