Thursday, March 14, 2013

Artful Journey Prayer Flags

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Today I am sharing the prayer flags that were made for the retreat...

Here is another peek at the prayer flags I made for the retreat, which were mailed in time to arrive for Cindy to begin arranging them for hanging at the Presentation Center:

"Patchwork Composition"

 "Artist Letter"

This is the second time that Cindy has requested prayer flags to be made, which are used to decorate the dining hall at the Presentation Center. Each flag is a creative wonder, being made with any number of materials and supplies. Here are some highlights of prayer flags I managed to photograph:

There was a lot of light which made it a bit difficult for me to get a good photograph with my pocket camera...I guess I should have made some time to adjust the settings on my camera - DOH!

I really like the girl on the flag in the lower string of flags

I love the tree flag to the right of the center...but I do love trees!

I absolutely LOVED the bright colors and dripping ribbons on this flag - it looks like CANDY!

Love the colorful flowers and quilted quality of this flag...

Patchwork scraps, battenburg lace and hand embroidery - this one captured my heart!

Seeing all the flags hanging together is inspiring! I really should make more prayer flags - they are fun to make and great exercises in using up materials in a creative way...

Next week I'll be sharing more creative moments from the retreat, so be sure to stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and enjoy a creative weekend!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Love the flags...what a wonderful assignment!!

Coleen said...

Great flags and I like that last one too, but I am partial to hearts.

Blessings, Coleen