Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Amazing and Artful Journey...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I am back in town from my time spent in beautiful Santa Cruz for the Artful Journey Retreat and I have so much to share with you all, I don't know where to begin! But I will share a few quick highlights to pique your curiosity...

Orly Avineri took me aside just before workshops began on Day 1 to thank me for all of my support, from shout outs and links on my blog to sharing with other participants what a great instructor she is. It was a wonderful way to start off my first day of workshops!

I then asked Orly to take a picture of me in my work gear. She was quite surprised by my look because she is used to seeing me wear skirts in her workshop (I'm a girly girl at heart!), but I knew that I might get pretty messy so messy gear was in order. Here is a picture of me in JEANS shot by Orly:

Can you see how excited I am to start making paper and books?!? The retreat coordinator, Cindy, is on the left...

I thought I'd get a photo of my colorful sneakers too, in case they got smeared with colorful paint:

Don't worry - my shoes survived the workshop without a drop of paint falling onto them! But when you see more shots of my paper painting process, you will be astounded that my sneakers managed to survive at all:

I was DEFINITELY playing with paint and color in a BIG way!

I'll be sharing the process of how I made many of my papers, but here is a peek at one of the "showcase" books I made for the big "Show & Tell" on the last night of workshops:

"Specimens"- multi-pamphlet book of various papers in various sizes - this book is not part of the raffle!

...and here is a peek at some of the books that one lucky winner will get to choose from the raffle I'm hosting:

"Bronze Age" book series - simple pamphlet books, two sewn as one book and small folding book

Of course, this journey wouldn't be the same without a trip to see the darling baby chicks that are always being sold at the local hardware store:

I also encountered deer in the parking lot at the Presentation Center, where the retreat is held! I saw the deer upon my return from my visit into town. I tried to get as close as I could to shoot a few photos and to shoot some video. I don't know yet how the video has turned out, but here is a photo that turned out pretty good:

You might get a better view if you click on the photo...

Seeing the deer at the end of my journey to the retreat felt like a good omen and it was magical to watch them...

There is a WHOLE lot more I have to share with you all so be sure to stay tuned!

Remember: There is a raffle to win one of the books I created at the retreat. you can learn about the details in this blog post - there are just a few more days to buy your raffle tickets so hurry!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh they are all so colorful....beautiful and you look fantastic.
Glad you enjoyed yourself

The Creative Beast said...

Thanks SueAnn! I had a blast indeed!