Friday, March 8, 2013

A Peek at Projects in Progress This Week...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I wanted to share a peek at some things I've been creating since my return from the retreat. I'll return to my retreat adventures next week...

If you read my post from yesterday, you'll know I was creating paper using paint washes. Later, I'll be sharing how I was using tea to dye some of my papers for one of my showcase books, but I thought I'd share how I continued this experiment on my return home...first the inspiration for my home experiment:

I acquired this book from one of my favorite book stores after seeing this page:

In my costume work experience I was very aware of using tea to age fabrics and knew that it was also used to age paper. When I saw this sample of tea dyes on muslin, I really loved it and it prompted me to buy this book...of course there are MANY other awesome inspirations in this book making it worth the purchase!

Upon my return from the retreat where I dyed some of my papers to 'age' them, I had the thought to combine both ideas and create a tea dye sampler for paper.

Here are some peeks of this process in action:

Little dye pots of tea to be applied to papers - it was chemistry in the kitchen!

I began to use pomegranate tea on my white drawing paper. Though it appears to be plum while wet, it dries to this soft teal blue color. However, when I applied it to some delicate quilting paper, the plum tones came out...

hmm, the color of the teal is looking more green in this shot than the shot above, but above the paper is still wet...

This happened again when using some Lemon Zinger tea on a sheet of new paper and a sheet of vintage paper from my grandmothers stash of artist supplies:

The Lemon Zinger tea is applied to my paper sampler - it looks like pumpkin orange when wet but it dried into a light sage green; when applied to the vintage paper, it dried into a soft peach tone*:

Here is a peek at my tea dye sampler in process:

As you can see, each 'patch' is labeled with the tea I was experimenting with so I'll know which teas to use for making tea dyed paper. I was working only with the teas I had on hand, so more teas may need to be purchased for more experimentation!

I have some finished sheets of this paper, but will share them later next week along with how my sampler sheet looks when completed...

Another project I was working on this week was creating a model for my upcoming workshop:

Scraps of paper being arranged for the next workshop project - details about this workshop are going up soon so check back!

Here is a completed collage sheet I created:

Then I made up some raffle tickets for the raffle I've been hosting:

Making up these one of a kind raffle tickets that can be used as book markers was SO FUN to do!! I may try hosting more raffles so I can make more fun and colorful tickets like these! ;)

Four of these raffle tickets are going out later today and one of them will be the lucky winner of one of my books made at the Artful Journey Retreat and the winner could be YOU!

All you have to do to get a raffle ticket is purchase one of my books from my Etsy shop by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. You will get 1, 2 or 3 tickets depending upon the book you purchase. Details can be found in this blog post. And here is a peek at the books the winner will get to choose from:

"Bronze Age" book series: 2 pamphlet books, 1 "two sewn as one" book and one French Fold booklet

The raffle winner will be announced on FRIDAY MARCH 29 and I will share the details of the creation of these books leading up to that day...maybe the winner will be YOU!

I've got more work to do for my next workshop so I can post it on my events page. Stay tuned and check back for details coming this weekend!

I hope you enjoy a creative weekend!

* - I shared the results of this experiment with my dear boyfriend who reminded me that paper contains ACID and it was possible that the vintage paper lost much of its acidity...I feel so scientific with this project!! ;)


Kathryn Hansen said...

i've dyed paper using Lipton tea...but i love the results of your other teas!!

and never thought about the paper and acidity and effects of tea on it...very interesting!!

humel said...

What a fun and creative experiment! Love the results you've been getting :)