Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Prayer Flags, Bound Books and A Gratitude Journal

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I thought I'd share some detail shots of the prayer flags I created for the Artful Journey Retreat coming up at the end of the month...some of you may remember this flag I created:

This flag represents a sheet of lined paper, but it would not remain a blank sheet. I decided to 'write' a letter to the artist who will win this prayer flag. This is how the 'letter' looks:

"Dear Artist" Prayer flag to be raffled during the retreat...

I wrote a series of quotes that I find inspiring and helpful in my life...

Click on the image to read the quotes better...

I was having so much fun making the prayer flags that I decided to make one more flag to keep at home:

I first encountered the concept of prayer flags at the second Artful Journey Retreat I attended and I learned more about them through Art Therapy Reflections, a blog I now visit regularly! (Do check out Karen's post on keeping a studio journal - it's a good one!)

Prayer flags originated in the Himalayas as a way to send blessings into the surrounding areas and it seems that we creative folks have begun making them in our own highly creative, artful ways, as you can see in this Flickr group.

I'm surprised that I don't make prayer flags more often, since they are really fun to make, but then I am usually making books, like this batch:

And this batch:

And there's my new gratitude journal as well:

And I've also been creating a raffle I'm going to host here on my blog as a fundraiser for this last leg of my trip to the Artful Journey Retreat. I will be posting details about my raffle in tomorrow's post so be sure to stay tuned!


Kathryn Hansen said...

Thanks for explaining the meaning behind prayer flags!! I'm just digging that one that looks like a piece of paper!!

Kelly Warren said...

I'm so excited! Your flags are going to look beautiful with the group. I forgot to post pictures of mine on my blog. I need to do that! So much to do before I fly out next Thursday, but so ready to get away!