Friday, February 15, 2013

One Last Valentine and Some PiPs...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I hope you enjoyed a fun day celebrating the value of LOVE yesterday. I shared these wonderful blessings with friends yesterday that came into my email box courtesy of Magpie Girl. I love her blog, so inspiring, gentle and serene, as these lovely blessings can attest to:

Generally, my dear boyfriend and I are not very big on 'doing' Valentines Day because we believe that you should tell your loved ones how much you love them EVERY DAY...because you just never know when something might happen and since the passing of his grandfather last spring, we take this to heart...(I swear this pun was accidental!)

However, my dear boyfriend DID offer to cook me dinner so I thought I should make a special Valentine just for him and this is what it looked like:

I had been making other valentines to sell* that he had seen, but he is not too keen on the medical heart image so I thought making something less 'intellectual' would bring a smile to his face and it did!

I love working with chunky embroidery threads, so I had a LOT of fun sewing this valentine together. I also pulled out my vintage typewriter to type the word "LOVE" on a tiny scrap of muslin and I always love using my typewriter in my collage work whenever I can...yeah, I was feelin' the love all around!

I have been working on other projects this week too, like creating a new gratitude journal since I'm down to the last page in my first one! Here is a peek that I will share in detail soon...

This project got me using up some supplies I haven't worked with for awhile!
I've also been making prayer flags for the Artful Journey Retreat...

Made with scraps from a jar I bought at a flea market..

This flag was inspired by the book "Improv Sewing" that my knitting buddy bought and showed me; now I want a copy of this book!

I am starting to prepare for my trip to Artful Journey and I'm getting very excited about the workshop with Albie Smith and all that I will learn in paper making and book-binding. You can see some of the work made by her students in this post from the first retreat - it's easy to see why I am getting excited!

However, I am also concerned that I am coming up short on funds for the trip, but I have been thinking of hosting a little fundraiser here on my blog, inspired by one held at the blog Original Impulse, I blog I like to read every now and then. I really liked the idea that Cynthia Morris came up with to raise funds for one of her recent trips, but I will be creating a version of my own that I hope to launch starting next week and it is an idea that will utilize a raffle prize after the retreat is over...

Creating a hand-drawn raffle ticket template so I can make little collages on each ticket =-)

I was also inspired by this fundraiser that my blog buddy Kat had linked to**. I am really LOVING how people are getting so CREATIVE in generating funds for their art-full projects and using the internet to do it! I will talk more about this creative love in a future post since I have a feeling some of you might be on "LOVE" overload after yesterday!! ;)

I've got lots of creative goodness to share with you all so be sure to stay tuned!!

* - I actually sold one of my valentine cards - YAY!!

** - Kat also did a follow-up post and we are all happy to say that this book project is fully funded =-)


Kathryn Hansen said...

i love the prayer flags...maybe you could explain them further sometime...never heard of them before!!

what creative ideas for raising funds for your art...gotta check those out!!

Karen Wallace said...

Love the heart! Hugs

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hey! Where's my valentine card? LOL
Hope you had a great day.