Monday, February 4, 2013

New Book by Orly Avineri!

Hello Dear Blog Readers,
I have received exciting news this weekend that Orly Avineri has published another book about art journals and the artists who make them. It's called "14 Artist Journals" and I just wanted to give Orly a shout out for creating this book!

Front cover of book

Here is Orly's own description of her artful new book:

"14 Artist Journals is a wondrous grouping of journal pages from fourteen impassioned individuals. In it I reveal the delicate worlds of creative types for whom visual journaling had become a spiritual practice, an honest and raw expression of who they are. The book sustains my belief that all individuals have the capacity to make changes that are needed in their lives through the act of creating and to find new ways to advance their physical, emotional, and relational well-being. It makes known that art journaling is most definitely one such way."

Back cover of book

Here is the list of artists that are included in this book:Nathalie NayerTracy V. MooreErin Faith AllenSeth ApterJuliana ColesMaya DunskyPnina Gold,Jesse Reno, Brian KasstleHana KlosGil AvineriRachel Urista, Darcy Ruth Ritzau, and Vered Gersztenkorn.

Orly is having a giveaway of her book on her blog and the winner will be announced on February 14 - stop by and leave a comment to win; you can also find ways to purchase her book on her blog.

I am very excited about this new book and the work Orly does to promote art journaling and the healing properties of Art =-)

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