Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Promoting My Workshop for Girl Scouts...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I am here to report on how the Girl Scout cookie event and the creative workshop I hoped to teach unfolded this past weekend...

The Girl Scout Cookie Kick-Off event was HECTIC! It seems that it was also Troop Picture Day so there were many troops that arrived to take group and individual pictures. There were a few other 'vendors' there as well and we had been instructed to promote/embody a skill that girl scouts will learn from selling cookies in the cookie program:

Goal Setting
Decision Making
Money Management
People Skills
Business Ethics

I decided I would embody 'People Skills' in action!

My table display for the Cookie Kick-Off event...It's all about BOOKS...

As troop after troop stopped by my table to learn what 'People Skills' looked like, I told them how I used my people skills to share my love of book binding with people when I attend vendor events to SELL my books. I explained how my vendor table looks when selling my books, much like the image above. I shared how I talk to people to explain my process of book binding, altered books and art journals...

My book press - it generated great interest and many demos of how it works!

I had my book press with me to share how it's used in book binding, so they could see how a book press worked; instruction of my process and tools of the trade = people skills!

I told them about the book binding workshop I conducted to help girl scouts earn their book binding badge, which also uses people skills of talking and lecturing, as well as listening, in the event of trouble shooting needed during a workshop...

Promo materials for my workshop: pictures of the original workshop in 'book' binders, flyers and business cards

I also used this time to explain (sell!) to the parents and troop leaders all about my book binding workshop: how long it lasts, what it entails, what the students learn/take home and what is included in the cost. Selling skills = people skills!

Troop after troop stopped by my table to learn about people skills, then get their "cookie college" card stamped by me.

I never talked so much in ALL MY LIFE!!

I did manage to sell two collage cover notebooks and two small stab stitch booklets and I gave away more flyers about my workshop than I expected. Many thanks go to my dear boyfriend for sprucing up the simple text flyer I created by adding the Girl Scout book binding badge icon and my blog banner - he is a smart fellow for doing that and the flyers looked great!

I also had fun talking with my 'next door neighbor', a man who was in charge of the character costume for a mascot called "Sammy Rabbit" for the Pasadena Federal Credit Union - I believe they embodied the skill of 'Money Management'!

Here's Sammy Rabbit blowing me a kiss! Hee hee, isn't he CUTE??!?

I spoke to the man in charge of the costume since I used to make such things during my costume career and it turned out we both knew and worked with the same man who was great at making these character costumes, but had retired some years ago. It was fun to talk about that time in my life again!

I really wasn't quite sure what to expect with this event and I really wasn't prepared to talk so much for three hours back-to-back. My throat was getting sore and swollen but luckily things quieted down enough for me to rest my voice before it was time to pack up and head home.

I spent the rest of the day and evening resting and being very quiet, something my dear boyfriend is not quite used to!! ;)

Regarding the creative workshop I hoped to teach on Sunday - it did not take place. 

I had sent out the email with instructions to RSVP, since I intended to host a small tea party at the end of the workshop and I would need to know how many people to purchase refreshments for. I did not receive a single RSVP, and among the group of friends I sent an advance notice to, only one sent a word of support and encouragement. The messages of encouragement and support I did receive from blog buddies was MOST APPRECIATED!! Thank you all for sending them - I do wish I lived in your countries so we could have a wonderful afternoon being creative and relaxing with a simple tea party!

I am not discouraged by the lack of interest in this first workshop. I know that I may have sent this initial invite a little late and, after the holiday season, many folks are usually on a 'spending diet', after purchasing gifts...and I still have workshops planned for the months ahead, so there is time to generate interest and gain students.

I was also relieved that I wouldn't have to teach, using my voice even more, the day after the cookie event - I might have ended with no voice at all!

It was quite a weekend and here my...
  • It's best to send advance notice for events, more than three weeks in advance if possible, to allow people time to plan and participate
  • Its best not to book events back-to-back in one weekend that will require me talking A LOT! It won't help me to lose my voice for future teaching gigs!
  • I am getting GREAT at sharing my love of book binding, my enthusiasm for teaching basic book binding skills, and explaining my art process, which gets people excited about wanting to learn book binding!

In Other News:
I'll have information about my next creative workshop on my events page soon so be sure to check back and find out the what and the when; I'll also have info about the upcoming Silverlake Craft Fair that I plan to attend in February, which reminds me...


I've got things to do and bags to pack so stay tuned for more about that!


Eddie Bluelights said...

Hey, Monica, I never cease to marvel at your prodigious output, enthusiasm and sheer energy - but there ya go I am just a man! LOL. You are an example to us all. Hugs ~ Eddie

Kathryn Hansen said...

sounds like the girl scout fair was a success...congrats!! it always continues to be a learning experience, doesn't it!! maybe things would get boring if it was easy!!

i'll look to see when your book binding workshop is!! hopefully i can attend that!

humel said...

You always inspire me in the way you take what could be a disappointment or setback and turn it into a positive, something to learn and develop from. You rock! xx