Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Last Journal...

Hello Dear Blog Readers and thank you for your lovely comments on my last blog post. It is so wonderful to hear how positive I am about challenges that come my way, but I have not always been this way! It's been a lot of work changing my outlook, so it's very gratifying to hear that I am making some headway, but I will write more about that another day...

Today I want to share a journal I bought when at the Silverlake Art*Craft*Vintage event in December, which I had promised to share with you all...

Now, I had no set plan when I decided to buy this fabulous blank book, I only wanted to purchase it from the artist who made it so I could lend my support to a fellow 'book maker' (and I loved the color combination - burgundy and olive green!). I did think of using it to record my sales when participating in vendor events, though...and I may do just that, so this book will not be used for my new gratitude journal, as I've been pondering on recently.

This blank book is made by a woman who calls her company Brown Bag Books and she had a wonderful set-up which she was kind enough to let me photograph and share with you all...

What a creative display - it got my juices flowing on what I could do in the future for my own display...

This book maker also deals in second hand books, hard back and soft was hard to not spend more time perusing the shelves of books!

I would love this shelving unit for my own book collection at home!

Look at all the altered books on display! YUM!!!

This vendor uses wonderful vintage hard back books to create her one-of-a-kind blank books. You'll see vintage cooking book covers, children's book covers, and the vintage business book cover that makes up the blank book I bought. She keeps the covers as they are, as you can see in this picture of my book:

The inside back cover of my blank book shows notes made by a previous owner
I'm not really a big fan of spiral bound books in general as they are not easy to work with when art journaling, but they are handy for writing or note taking when I'm creating a knitting pattern. These books are made with a nice weight paper that is great for drawing, sketching and writing, but the paper is not heavy enough for mixed media art. I will likely use my book for tracking sales when working at vendor events - it seems fitting with the 'business' theme of my book!

Sadly, this vendor does NOT have an Etsy shop - she prefers to sell to buyers in person. I don't blame her - her books really sell themselves when you can see (and handle!) them in person!

Vintage children's books available on sale for reading - these were not used to make blank books!

You can find Brown Bag Books in some museum shops around the country, but it seems that you can best find them at vendor events, primarily in California.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area on the second Saturday of the month, that is when you can find Brown Bag Books selling re-purposed blank journals and second hand books for reading!

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