Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In With The New...

Hello and Happy New Year to you all, Dear Blog Readers!

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous New Years Eve celebration, or maybe you have enjoyed watching The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade today. It's a personal tradition that I watch the first run of this gorgeous parade every January 1 and today was no exception!

I love having special traditions and rituals in my life and Word Of The Year has become a great annual ritual that I now look forward to doing, though the word that came to me for the new year was not exactly one I would have considered. Let me share how my word for 2013 came about...

A few weeks ago I was out for my morning walk. As I waked I began to ponder what my word for 2013 should be and a few words swam around in my head but one forced itself to the forefront of my brain:


"UGH!" I thought, as WORK was making its presence known to me. Why would anyone, let alone ME, want to have the word WORK as a guiding force for a year???

But then my creative brain began to remind me that I usually add a descriptive word to my main word, in order to have as much clarity about my word as possible. In the past "Art-FULL Creativity" manifested as just that - a year of art making and sharing, which exercised my creativity. Another year was "Amazing Opportunities", because I wanted AMAZING opportunities, not just any old, run-of-the-mill opportunities, and there were many that year. Last year I chose ABUNDANT SUPPORT and I can tell you that I definitely got it in 2012!

But the word WORK hung heavy for me, a reminder of my previous job, in an isolating environment, being overloaded, underpaid and surrounded by people that didn't appreciate what I did or who I really was.

My creative brain reminded me that WORK did not have to be the kind of work I had been doing in the past - office work. It could be fun, it could be playful, it could be collaborative, with like-minded people. It could be meaningful, it could be healing, it could be what I am...


I realized that CREATIVE WORK was the right word for me because I feel ready to create a work-life that WORKS for ME, instead of trying to fit myself into a model that doesn't feel right, that doesn't serve me.

I mentioned this seedling of an idea with Kristen, the lovely woman who created the beautiful Word Of The Year journal for me and she had an excellent suggestion for my word:


I loved her suggestion because it continues to define and refine my idea of WORK in 2013. I want to CREATE the WORK I want to do to earn my living, because it will be in alignment with who I am, what I do and it will be alignment with my values. And so this is my word to guide me in 2013:


While working through the Unravelling worksheets, I found other words to support my guiding word for 2013. Here they are:


And I think I should add:


I already have some ideas of what I can CREATE for WORK in my life:

  • continue being a vendor at the Silverlake Art*Craft*Vintage fair - I can sell my creative goods and maybe even offer some on-the-spot demo workshops in book binding!
  • continue making hand bound books to sell in my Etsy shop
  • create some fun workshops to conduct in my own humble abode and I plan to host my first workshop THIS MONTH!
  • create an e-book to share with you all
  • create some tutorials on creative projects that I love to do
  • create a few Party Hats to sell in my Etsy shop and offer custom order to commemorate special events
Of course, I have other ideas, but I think this list is enough to start with for January 1! Looking at this list I certainly have my WORK cut out for me! ;)

I have been thinking about doing a year long challenge for 2013 and I have decided that the challenge will be to BUY NO MORE ART SUPPLIES in 2013!

Yes, you read that correctly. I will not buy any more art supplies this year, but I will share more about this challenge in the next few days, since I do have a few details to work out and maybe an exception or two to this rule. For now, I have revealed my Word Of The Year and I'll let that soak in...

It seems to me that I have QUITE enough supplies to last for a few years! ;)

HOORAY for 2013 and a year of CREATIVE WORK and ABUNDANT POSSIBILITIES for us all!

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