Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Continuing To Ponder My Journal Dilemma...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!

Today, I want to return to a dilemma I shared with you two weeks ago...and discuss a dilemma I've come across in the last few days...

I shared with you the many journals I've collected over the years that have, as yet, gone unused, but I also listed what each journal was purchased for and it seems that many of my journals will DEFINITELY be used for their intended purpose this year*.

I also shared how I hoped to purchase a new gratitude journal from Kristen, who made the beautiful cover for all the journaling I did to close out the old year and set intentions for 2013.

Whether to buy the new gratitude journal or not was my dilemma! So far, I received two opposing views on how to face this dilemma and both views were appealing to me:

1) Buy the new journal since it does support another artist (which harks to the Kwanzaa principle of Cooperative Economics that I try to follow)

2) Make a gratitude journal since it does help me use up my art supplies (which plays into my Buy No New Art Supplies Challenge)

I must say I really like both options!

However, I'd like to hear from more readers on this topic because I just can't decide what path to take!

Now, there is another dilemma I encountered this week that involves my no new supplies challenge: I'm running out of blank copy paper to use for my little books!!

I've been making more stab stitch books lately and I realized that I am nearly out of the ream of copy paper I've been using for many of my books.

I have lots of graph paper...I have lots of lined paper...But I realized that I don't have enough blank copy paper!

I did mention that I have some paper I bought for the Artful Journey Retreat next month, but I can't use that paper for my book making until I've used it for the workshop first; only then I can use what's left over for my book making. Also this paper is heavier weight than copy paper, which is why I use the copy paper for the stab stitch books. The copy paper is easier to hole punch and the same weight as the graph and lined paper I use for most of my booklets so the books are balanced in weight...

A booklet that includes lined, graph and blank paper...

I want to clarify that my challenge is really for me to keep from buying any NEW ART SUPPLIES that I do not currently own, for my own use and amusement. However, I forgot to take my book binding production into account with this challenge.

I think it will be okay for me to buy just ONE REAM of blank copy paper to use for my stab stitch books, but perhaps I could begin to create some stab stitch books using artful papers instead...hmmmmmm, that sounds like a fun and creative idea!! ;)

Oh my, this challenge is certainly challenging! I can see that I may be continuing to refine and define the parameters for awhile...be sure to stay tuned as I continue with this creative challenge!

* - I want to give a shout out to my blog buddy Kat for sharing a fun video about SMASH journals which helped me realize that I have actually been doing something like this for many years with all my crazy notebooks and spiral journals! NOW, I am truly inspired to use all my blank books this year the way I have always used them - to collect the quotes, creative business cards, interesting things happening around town and lists I have always made =-)

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Karen Wallace said...

Buy the paper, it least that is what I would do. Hugs