Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Tiny Confession...

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

I have a tiny confession to make...

I told you about my year-long challenge to Buy No New Art Supplies in 2013, but I did not tell you about the last 'hurrahs' I purchased before 2012 was over...but there were only 3 'hurrahs'!!

I must confess that the thought of being unable to buy ANY new supplies did have me in a tiny bit of a panic, so I made a mad dash to pick up three things before the end of the old year:

A last bit of decorative paper tape...

It came in a batch of three and this is the LAST paper tape I've purchased!

...A last bit of vintage ephemera...

vintage unused tickets from this Etsy vendor; this is the last ephemera I buy for the next 12 months!

...One last vintage book...

I've been coveting this book of math tables for the past year because I love to use mathematical ephemera in my collage work, but I SWEAR it's the last vintage book I buy!

Oh! and there is the special artist journal that was made by this wonderful artist and blogger, that I purchased as a way to support her art...I guess that makes FOUR last 'hurrahs', not three.

All of these items have been arriving this week, but they WERE purchased in 2012, not in 2013, I can assure you!

That is my confession, Dear Blog Reader - I hope you can forgive for my weakness, but I promise that I will not purchase any more new art supplies for 2013!

Now, I did mention that I may need to purchase TOOLS for the upcoming workshop at the Artful Journey Retreat, and this is because I do not own a Japanese screw punch, which is on the list of supplies/tools. I may look into borrowing this item but I have been thinking of purchasing this tool to use for my book binding projects. I'll continue to think about my options, whether I will purchase or borrow this VERY necessary item. Luckily, I have everything else on the list for the workshop, so no new supplies are needed!

In the meantime, I've been going through my rubber stamp collection and there are a few that I'm setting aside to share or swap with you all. I'll photograph them and begin the list of goods to share soon, so stay tuned!


SueAnn Lommler said...

I too made the same promise to myself.
But the list for the class I forgot about that!! I am going to Tucson as well. Soooo..hopefully I can borrow.

The Creative Beast said...

I'd be happy to give or share what you need SueAnn so drop me a line! I'll be posting some goods on the blog in the days to come so there might be something you can use =-)

Seth said...

What a wonderful (and challenging) plan. Good luck! We all have too many supplies. I too have decided to do my best to use supplies that I have this year -- especially the ones that I have never even opened or used yet.