Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The First of December - A Review

Hello Dear Blog Readers! I wanted to share how the first day of December turned out, since I shared my thoughts on the first prompt of #reverb12.

The last day of November was a hectic one, full of struggle, as I prepared for participating in a vendor event taking place at a scrapbook shop in Burbank. Since my last vendor experience had not yielded any sales, I had a bleak outlook for the day, but I decided to move forward, because you never really know what might happen...

My vendor table at Once Upon A Page for the holiday boutique - I had gift items, as well as book arts

In my last post, I wrote about how I wanted to start this month:

"I want to start this month relaxed and calm. I want to start this month with ample time to reflect on this year and all that has passed, to review the challenges and the triumphs, to release that which no longer serves me, to close out 2012 so I can begin planning how I want to approach 2013, to find my Word Of The Year that I can use as a talisman to guide me..."

Though the day before was hectic and full of struggles, I felt better after having dinner with my dear boyfriend and I got enough sleep so I could begin the day (and the month!) rested. I arrived early and decided to walk in the residential neighborhood near the shop and there were many homes decorated for the holidays that I was able to admire - this brought me some good cheer.

I met the vendors who made up the rest of the boutique and they were all kind and lovely ladies, full of creativity. One of them brought bananas and oranges that she shared with each of us - such a tasty treat! It was inspiring to be among them and to talk of how we were working on our creative businesses. I will share more about these creative ladies soon!

Though it turned out to be a bit rainy, I am happy to report that I made some money at this event! I made back my cost for the table fee and more, which made me very happy!

Recycled t-shirt scarves, knitted mitts and semi-precious stone jewelry made by me - having the other gift items was a good idea since some of them sold!

I also ran into a woman that I met at the Glendale Community College Flea Market in the summer. Her name is Lynn and when I first met her she shared a great deal of information with me regarding flea market events to sell my grandmothers vintage treasures at. I had run into her two weeks ago when I took a trip to check out the Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage Fair to see if it would be a good venue to sell at. Lynn once again shared lots of information with me about the Silverlake event and I plan on participating this Saturday. It has been great to keep running into Lynn - she is a kind lady and full of fun too!

All in all, the first of December was not as hectic as I anticipated and it yielded some great rewards through the meeting of many wonderful creative souls =-)

***   ***   ***
I have been receiving the prompts for #reverb12 in my email box and since our hostess Kat is in a time-zone that is ahead of me, I have time to reflect on the prompts. It made me realize that I really would love to have a journal to use for this #reverb12 project, and to incorporate the other worksheets I use when I close out the old year. At the boutique, I met a creative woman who makes fun and fanciful journals and I am hoping she can create a special one for my use! I will be sure to share how this journal comes out...

In the meantime, I have also been thinking of doing a special year long challenge of my own making. I shared how I participated in a No Clothes Challenge three years ago...well, I am thinking that I may have to do a No Art Supplies Challenge!!

As I continue the arduous task of cleaning and clearing my space, I am realizing that I really do have A WHOLE LOT OF ART SUPPLIES, and fabric too, if I am honest. I have not been able to utilize much of what I have, yet I continue to buy more!! I do pass along many goods to my friend Jane of City Hearts, since she runs a sewing class, and I pass along goodies here on my blog, but I still have a LOT of creative goods to work with. I believe a ban on purchasing all supplies may be in order!

I will continue to ponder this idea and figure out some details, in case there is anyone who would like to join along this challenge with me, so be sure to stay tuned!


SueAnn Lommler said...

I will join you on the no-buying art supplies!! Sheesh! I have so much crap...all good crap...but still...sigh!

Kathryn Hansen said...

so happy for you that you made money at your event...that's always a great feeling! your scarves and mitts look wonderful...i can see why you did so well with them!