Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With The Old...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
I have been writing and pondering as I worked through my Word Of The Year and Unravelling worksheets and I am ready to close out my old year with an eye toward the new one...

I am ready to celebrate myself WILDLY - to celebrate the disappointments I encountered, the challenges I faced and the new experiences I embraced. I enjoyed reflecting upon everything I have done in my life that has brought me to this place in time, (thanks Reverb12!) and it was wonderful to reconnect with my book binding instructor. I am proud of all the self-discovery work I did and I can tell you that it is continuing still!

I have found my word for 2013, though it has been a bit difficult letting go of my word for 2012 - Abundant Support. I truly experienced abundant support this year and it has been hard to let go of it, but I have realized that the Universe has ALWAYS provided abundant support throughout my life and I have come to realize that I will always have abundant support - I only need to remember that it is there when I need it.

I am definitely ready to close out this old year and to declare it OVER! I am nearly ready to face 2013, but I'd like to do some last reflections on a few principles...

I usually do a series of posts on Kwanzaa since it is a values based holiday that I enjoy reflecting on, but since I chose to work through 3 worksheets to close out my old year, I have just enough energy to do an overview to see what principles played a factor in 2012...

One candle is burned for each night of Kwanzaa until all 7 candles are burning

Self Determination
Collective Work & Responsibility
Cooperative Economics

Looking back on 2012, I would say the principles that had the most presence this year were, Self Determination, Purpose, Creativity and Faith.

  • I was certainly determined to find ways to earn money using my creative skills (Yay Creativity!) and this gave me a great deal of Purpose in 2012
  • I had to draw upon Faith since I had no way of knowing whether my attempts of selling at vendor events would work or not; while they may not have been huge successes, they have sparked a desire to continue with vendor events
  • However, the principles of Cooperative Economics (to build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together) and Collective Work & Responsibility (to build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems, and to solve them together) did not play out as well as I'd hoped at some of these events, so I shall be going solo in 2013

I can tell you that with my Word Of The Year for 2013, there will be a LOT of Self-Determination (to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves), but more about that in the new year!

For now, I will spend this last day with my dear boyfriend as we make plans to ring in the new year quietly with a home cooked meal and a bit of bubbly to celebrate the new year ahead. Tomorrow I will be sure to share what my Word Of The Year will be in 2013 and how I plan to embrace this word...

In the meantime, I wish for you all a fabulous New Years Eve and I hope that 2013 brings you abundant possibilities!

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