Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Artisan Bazaar - Making Connections...

Hello Dear Blog Readers! Thanks for your wonderful comments on my previous post regarding the artisan bazaar I participated in. It was quite an experience, and not without some challenges, but today I wanted to share some of the artists I saw...

Fellow Artists!
One artist I did meet was a fabulous fiber artist named Cydney. I asked if she had an Etsy shop and she does! It was hard to keep from buying some of her fabulous handmade fibers, especially when I saw a young girl with a skein around her neck like a necklace. That is how fabulous Cydney's fibers are - a skein can be worn as jewelry, without being knitted!

Cydney was also selling some vintage goods and she made me a wonderful offer on the great vintage postcards she had, so I bought a dozen wonderful looking postcards which will be used for art journaling or made into small art booklets.

I discovered a fellow blogger and artist, though I did not actually speak with her at the bazaar. The blog is called doodlepaintdraw by JoAnn Stevens Flores and I was drawn to her mixed media painted and sewn bags she had on display. I had had my eye on one of the bags, but the day got so hectic I forgot to go back and buy it. I am glad this lovely artist has an Etsy shop!

Opportunities and Possibilities...

I really did not make very much money at this event (in fact, I lost money but more about that later), but one of my hopes was to make some connections for other money-making opportunities in the future. I am happy to report that some connections were made:

  • I met a teacher who took one of my uniquely made cards and mentioned she would like me to teach my book binding workshop to her students
  • I met a jewelry artist that came out to see the bazaar, but was quite shy about sharing her work. We had an animated discussion where I shared my experiences in blogging and using Etsy; she came away very inspired by our conversation! Hopefully, she starts her blog or Etsy shop soon =-)
  • I met a woman that hosts an annual in-home boutique on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and she invited me to participate. This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, having done one once before. I like in-home boutiques as they are more intimate and in cozier settings. I have already received an invitation by email, so this opportunity is in the works. This same woman also said she could connect me with some local Girl Scout troops in her area, so I can continue to teach my book binding workshop!


Though I did not make much money at this selling event, I did come away with the contacts I'd hoped for, so I feel that my day at the bazaar was, for me, a success. There were challenges though and I will share them in the next post, so stay tuned!

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Kathryn Hansen said...

don't give up!! consistency i found is the name of game for getting a following and making money. but, like you said in your post, there are so many other cool things about participating in craft meeting new people, as well as artists/vendors!!