Monday, November 5, 2012

The Artisan Bazaar - Getting Ready to Sell...

Hello Dear Blog Readers! My day selling at the Artisan Bazaar is over and I'm excited to share the experience with you. Today I'll share some pictures of the collage covered notebooks I made to sell...

I started work on this notebook LAST YEAR! I got stuck completing it, but Inspiration came and this is the final product. "Aspiration" was a scrap I kept and I'm so glad I did - it made a nice touch for the cover, but I thought I'd add the actual definition to the back since I was a little unsure of the meaning of this word!

as·pi·ra·tion -[as-puh-rey-shuh n]noun

1.strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition
2. a goal or objective desired

Then there is this lovely collage cover notebook:

I had printed out this quote to make a giveaway item, and made more than one print-out of it, so I thought it would look great on this cover. I almost got stuck on this cover, but I'm glad I thought of how to work with it, instead of letting sit for a year like the previous one!

Lucky for me, this notebook is the one that sold at the event =-)

Then there is this notebook:

I almost got stuck on the cover of this one too, but once I started playing with some paper scraps I had lying on my worktable, the elements came together. I like how it turned out...

This is how my display looked at the event:

I shared a table with my friend that I usually do vintage flea markets with, but she is a member of the Costume Designer Guild and she secured our table for us, (after a few calls and some wrangling!) and I am SO thankful she went through the work of phone calls and submitting the paperwork. You see, I thought you had to be in the guild to participate in this event but after speaking with organizer, it seems I can participate on my own, if I choose to next year...I just might! Though it IS fun to share a table and have someone to talk with during the day =-)

There are still some unfinished notebooks and a few composition notebooks I began work on, so I will share the progress of those projects in the next post and share what happened during the day, like meeting other creative vendors and some possible opportunities, so stay tuned!


Kathryn Hansen said...

lovely display and journals Monica!! Meeting neighboring vendors is one of my most favorite things about participating in art & craft fairs!!

humel said...

Your books are so lovely (speaking from experience as the happy owner of one!) Can't wait to hear all about the day :)