Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surprise Find at the Antiques Mart

Hello Dear Blog Readers and thank you for the birthday wishes you all sent my way! I had a lot of fun celebrating all weekend with my dear boyfriend.

Now, I had hoped to spend my actual birthday at the Huntington Library, walking among the gardens and strolling through the galleries and the Science building, but it was not meant to be...

It began to rain the night before and my dear boyfriend did not exactly relish the idea of traipsing about in the mud, so Plan B was put into effect: A trip to the Agoura Antiques Mart!

My dear boyfriend and I made a trip out there last month where we learned that this is not just one antiques mart but a whole string of antique and gift shops in one big complex! Needless to say, we did not get through all the shops on our first visit so a second trip was in order and this took place on my birthday.

One of my favorite shops is called Bungalow and I found a few little items I decided to bring home with me, like patterned hand made paper, and some sweet handkerchiefs...

However, the big surprise was found in the Agoura Antiques Mart:

During our first trip through the Agoura Antiques Mart, my dear boyfriend spied an old iron book press priced at $110, but it was missing the top piece (the part that flattens the books!) and had quite a bit of rust on it...this press was part of a Halloween display! He began to ask me some questions about iron book presses, but these items are quite costly starting at $250 for one in good condition and they are also costly to ship due to the weight of the iron. I have thought about purchasing a book press for awhile, but the cost has been too prohibitive for me at this time.

At the mart, I went looking for the rusty iron book press, but it was nowhere to be seen. As we continued our stroll through the mart on this second trip, I spied this little wood press. There was a tag attached to it labeling it as a "Flower Press"*, but this looked very much like a book press to me!

It was also labeled with the price of "$28"!!!

My dear boyfriend bought this as a gift for me to use in my book binding work - I think it will work great for the small booklets I make often...

...and it will be MUCH easier to use than piling up my large heavy books to flatten them out!

And of course, I am working on a new batch of these small booklets for the upcoming Holiday Boutique I'll be selling at on Saturday, so this sweet little press has come at a very good time for me!

I'll share some images of the new booklets after Thanksgiving, so be sure to stay tuned!

Many thanks to all of you who come to visit and read about my adventures in Creativity - I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday where ever you are!

* - The flower presses I linked to come in different designs, though a book press is always made the same way, but in iron


humel said...

OK, blame the pain relief, my mind jsut isn't working properly at the moment. I've just looked back and I don't seem to have actually managed to wish you a happy birthday at all..... Sorry, my dear! Belated good wishes from me, and I'm pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time and gained some special new possessions, even if you weren't able to visit the lovely Huntington Gardens :)

Olivia Heartelly said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you! It's really funny reading your book press adventure and congratulations to you that you have a book press that only cost you $28. and P.S. I love those handkerchiefs.

Coleen said...

What a find, you lucky girl. You have a good boyfriend...better hang onto him.

Thanks for your kind thoughts in stopping by my blog.

Coleen in California

planettreasures said...

What a great find! Looks like you'll get lots of use out of it.
Belated birthday wishes too - glad to hear you had a nice birthday : )