Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Binding with Wendy - Fabric Covered Book

Hello Dear Blog Readers! Today I'm going to share the process of making the second book I made in a book binding workshop with my book binding instructor, Wendy Poma.*

3 Gift Books Workshop
Book 2 - Fabric Covered Book

In my last post, I shared a sneak peek at the fabric I chose to work with in making my second book in Wendy's workshop. I loved the color and pattern of the fabric - it's so cheery! Here it is again:

Making this book is very similar to making a traditional bound book, only using fabric to cover the book board. The tricky thing about using fabric for your cover is that fabric can stretch, as anyone who sews can tell you. I can also tell you that sometimes, that is a good thing, since I stretched and manipulated the fabric I used to insure the grid lines were as straight and accurate as possible...and don't worry - I made sure to glue the covers onto the wrong side of the fabric so the right side would show!

YAY! The book covers are properly positioned and glued onto the fabric! After that, the rest was pretty easy, having done similar work in Wendy's workshops before...

The edges are turned over, glued down and a strip of fabric added to the inner spine - then the ribbon ties are put into place...

Inner end papers are glued down, covering the ribbon ties - this would make a great small portfolio to keep drawings and sketches in. Maybe I'll make a larger version of this for just that purpose!

The signature of blank paper is sewn into the spine with the embroidery floss, however, it seems I was supposed to use the floss DOUBLED, which I didn't do! I went back to sew the signature again with the floss and made the knot at the other end so I now have two small knots in my book...oh well! We learn as we go!

The next book we made would use the Stab Stitch method for binding and I was very excited about this since it's a technique I've been wanting to learn for awhile. Here's a sneak peek at the materials I used to make a stab stitch book...

My apologies for the lighting in these photos - they were shot in a classroom using overhead lighting, with very little natural lighting. These images do not do much for the actual colors of the materials I was using in this workshop. I'll be sure to take some better shots of my new books in natural lighting so you can see the real color and beauty of the materials I worked with.

I'll share more about making the stab stitch book and some of the mishaps that occurred while making it in my next post, so stay tuned!

* - I forgot to add her contact info, which she was happy for me to do. If you are interested in taking a workshop with Wendy, you can email her at: wleepoma (at) msn (dot) com
You can also find her workshops in the Glendale Community College Community Services Online Catalog of Classes; be sure to search under the Arts/Crafts section =-)


kristin maynes said...

Very cool!! I want to try this!

humel said...

The books are looking fab, my dear :) And I love that you're so honest about your mishaps along the way, and how you overcome them - that's inspiring in itself x