Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Binding With Wendy - 3 Gift Books in 3 Posts!

Hello Dear Blog Readers! I want to share some more book binding I've done recently in a workshop...

Tools laid out and ready to work with for making 3 different styled books

A few weeks back, I shared a new book that I made in a workshop with my book binding instructor Wendy Poma. I was recently given the gift* of participating in another workshop with Wendy and, in the next few blog posts, I want to share my new books with you, along with some mistakes I made during the workshop.

3 Gift Books Workshop with Wendy Poma

Book One - Accordion Book
The workshop I participated in with Wendy was going to focus on making 3 4 hours! It's a lot to do, but all students were determined to get the books done. The first book was an accordion style book and Wendy had a great example for us to get inspired by:

Wendy's sample book with cut paper embellishments to decorate the various sections of the book

Wendy always has papers for us to choose from to make our own books and the choices are endless! It can be hard to decide, but I found a paper I really wanted to use for this book:

I chose a two color striped paper with lovely gold designs of paisleys and flowers in my favorite colors of burgundy and crimson red. It was a wonderful handmade paper that had a thick feel to it. However, this stripe pattern would prove to be my downfall right away!

I was so engrossed with trying to line up the stripe on the front and back cover that I neglected to remember that the paper was a one-sided design and I proceeded to glue one of the covers to the TOP OF THE PAPER:

DOH!! Where was my brain when I needed it most???!?!

I thought of removing the cover from the paper and putting it on the back properly, but I knew there was too much glue to remove from the paper surface without ruining it. So I left the cover where you see it above and made sure to place the other cover onto the wrong side of the paper so the design would show up properly:

 Right side and wrong side of paper make a pair of book covers =-\

This is how the covers for my accordion book now look, but I have plans to add some embellishments to the solid cover using left over scraps. I'll be sure to share the final results of that later.

Wendy then showed us how to glue papers together to create the folding that makes up the pages of this book and made note of how we would add our pockets to the pages, as well as informing us what side to use for adding pockets since one side of the book would have more 'pages' than the other side, as you might be able to see from this photo:

I really wanted the stripe of the paper to be the front cover, but that will mean the number of pages I have to work with will be less than the other side, but I may learn to be happy with the crimson cover after I add the embellishments to it...

With this accordion book completed, we moved on to the next book, a fabric covered book. Here is a sneak peek at the materials I used for it:

Bright and cheery orange medallions with neutral ribbon, thread and end papers

I'll be sharing the process for making this book in my next post, so stay tuned!

* - My birthday is coming up so I'm starting to receive some great gifts from friends!


Gift Ideas for Women said...

This must be interesting, I never tried book binding before but right now I think I need to deal with it now. Thanks.

Kathryn Hansen said...

i've loved book binding since much fun! love that paper too...just gorgeous!!

excited to see them completed!!