Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Gift of Mail Art To Be Thankful* For...

Friday became a bit difficult as I got a flat and damaged tire while driving to the post office to mail out an order and a giveaway item that was a bit overdue. I worried that there might be more damage to the workings than just the tire, but I had my AAA card with me (not like last time!) and the nice AAA rep assured me that I will only have to replace the tire and get some repairs to the wheel/rim.

It is always stressful when things like this happen, but they are often more so for me since I really do not have much money to work with, after being laid off from my awful day job. My dear boyfriend does help me out quite a bit and I am so very grateful to him for wanting to give me such abundant support. Still, I began to worry about possible costs to fix the wheel and then I began to worry about whether I would be able to earn any decent money in my life ever again...funny how we go from bad to traumatic at the drop of a hat!! =-\

Sometimes, help of another kind arrives when we least expect it and it arrived for me in a package from a very happy and thankful giveaway winner named Deanna Gracie. She won a collage covered notebook using words that had special meaning for her and she loved it so much when she received it, she wanted to make a 'thank you' gift for me in return - here is what arrived in my mailbox on Friday:

A GORGEOUS and colorful art journal made by Deanna and if that wasn't enough there were two special affirmation cards tucked away inside that had special meaning for ME that Friday afternoon:

I am able to handle any problem I face
I have the ability to reach my goals

These messages brought tears to my eyes. The first message was a great reminder of what I am capable of, especially since I was able to handle the immediate problem of a flat tire with the tools I needed (AAA Club card!) and the second message brought me hope as I continue to create some book art goods to sell at the Artisan Bazaar taking place tomorrow.

I really needed those reminders to keep me going and I am so thankful I got them in such a beautiful package and from such a beautiful lady.

And I am so thankful that I meet such fabulous people through my blog!

* - I can see that thankfulness is going to be pretty big this month ;)


humel said...

I'm looking for (and finding!) many things to be thankful for this month :) Sorry to hear about your tyre, but I'm glad it wasn't too big or expensive a problem to sort out xx

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

It sounds like the universe was taking good care of you with a perfectly timed gift.

SueAnn Lommler said...

I love how blessings overtake us..especially in our hour of need!!