Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtoberfest 2012 - Let the Party Begin!

Hello Dear Blog Readers and Hello to new readers coming here from Blogtoberfest 2012! I am very excited about this years festival since it is being hosted by my dear blog buddy, Kat of I Saw You Dancing - I know it's going to be a great festival of blogging this year, though I still have the challenges I had during last years Blogtoberfest...

Many of my regular readers are aware that I have the challenge of no internet at home and I have been thinking about how I would approach Blogtoberfest this year. I have decided that what I will do here on my blog is to share a photo each day. There are many, many images I have shot in the past few years since I began this blog, and there are a LOT of photos I have not shared here. I think this month, during this blogging festival, is a wonderful time to share them all with you as my way of participating in Blogtoberfest 2012.

I do try to host a giveaway or two during Blogtoberfest and this year is no exception, but I begin today with a big giveaway since today is not just the start of Blogtoberfest 2012, but a very special day because...

Today is my 400th blog post!!

Can you believe it??!?

I've been hosting giveaways for the last 9 blog posts leading up to this special post, so of course there is a giveaway at the end of this post and of course it is open to all readers, whether old or new, near or far! Please read on to learn what special item is being given away to a lucky reader and thank you so much for stopping by and visiting =-)

***   ***   ***

Many of you know that I had my very first teaching gig last Friday, as I led a workshop to teach a troop of Girl Scouts about art books and book binding, so they could earn their book binding badge.

Well, I am happy to report that it was a success!

The girls learned about altered-art books, they learned about traditional book binding with the tools and techniques used to stitch books together. They also learned about artist techniques in mixed media to make one of two small booklets of their own to take home and I think they came away very inspired by seeing examples of altered-art books. Here is an image of the booklets one of the girls had completed at the end of the workshop, using materials provided by me:

There were a few glitches and some on-the-spot trouble-shooting was needed, but it was a great experience and I really hope that I can conduct more of these workshops for other Girl Scout troops in the near future...or maybe conduct these workshops in my home or for parties!

Many of you know that I did a lot of work preparing for the workshop, which sometimes included a little cleaning and clearing in my humble abode, which has been an ongoing project for me, and I will be happy to return to some cleaning in the days ahead now that this workshop is over...

While I was cleaning/searching for supplies, I came across these pieces of poster board that I had nearly forgotten about:

Now, some of you just might be wondering:

"What exactly are those and why keep them???"

I kept these pieces of poster board because they are pattern templates I created after I made this little item...

I made this party hat for a New Years Celebration in 2007 and I actually managed to wear it during a party! It now decorates my creative space these days.

After making this party hat, I made other party hats for a handful of friends, such as this colorful hat...

...and this hat...

It's been awhile since I have made a party hat and I think now is a great time to make one as we commence with Blogtoberfest 2012!! One lucky blog reader will win a special party hat of their very own made by me that will include the winners favorite colors, a meaningful word or Word of the Year and maybe a favorite quote or two =-)

How can you win a wonderfully colorful party hat of your very own? Read on for the rules of this giveaway, but first I'll announce the winners of the giveaways that took place earlier this week...

I held three giveaways this week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sadly, no one left a comment for the paper cutter and paper that I was giving away on Monday so there is no winner for Monday.

Wednesday's giveaway was for one of my exposed spine hand bound books that will be decorated by me before being mailed out and the winner of that giveaway is...Shelly Penko of the blog "Lush Visions" where you can find her sharing her beautiful, colorful paintings - congratulations Shelly!

And only one person left a comment for Friday's giveaway, so this means Kathryn Hansen of "Art Blog by Kat" is the winner of two hand-bound booklets, or 'chapbooks', which is a term that might apply due to the size of the booklets Kathryn will receive - congratulations Kathryn! 

And now to proceed with the Party Hat giveaway - here are the rules if you want a chance to win a fun and fanciful party hat of your own: 

Rules for entering this giveaway...

The giveaway is open to all readers whether old or new, near or far
You must leave a comment to enter the giveaway!
Your comment will be to share a favorite way you like to celebrate the big goals that you accomplish*
Comments will close at 12pm Pacific Standard Time on MONDAY OCTOBER 15
The winner will be announced by Friday October 19

If you'd like a little bonus goodie with your party hat**, follow my blog and let me know you have joined the "Tribe Of Creative Kindred Spirits"! 

Good luck to all who enter the giveaway! I hope you come back to visit and see what photos are being shared in this space during the month - thanks so much for visiting!

Let's party on!

* - for example, I like to celebrate accomplishing a project or goal by treating myself to a special sweet treat like a slice of cake from a local bakery or buying a special art supply like watercolor crayons or some new Prismacolor pencils, which I love

** - the winner will choose a bonus of a small booklet or 'chapbook', some small handmade gift card enclosures or a fun book-marker made by yours truly =-)


kristin maynes said...

Hiya! I'm excited to be here from CurlyPops! Great blog you have here! I would love to win a party hat, so cute! My favorite way to celebrate is a chocolate bar and peanut butter with a diet pepsi. :) On a larger scale I love having a family party outside with white lights, Italian sodas and lots of appetizers....oh, and of course, a party hat!

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Congratulations on a fabulous 400, Monica!!
As always, your creations are unique and captivating.
Here's to 400 more.
Thanks so much for being a part of Blogtoberfest12. I know that internet access is a bit tricky for you, so I extra appreciate your efforts.
Kat xxx

Gill said...

Hi Monica I've come from curlypops but I'm sorry to have missed your posts on bookbinding as I'm keen to try it myself! I shall go back and read your posts and so I don't miss any more I'm now following!

NatashaMay said...

Well, congrats on your teaching gig. :) Your party hats are awesome! I usually celebrate with cake but I just recently started a gluten free diet so I don't think cake will do anymore. :)

ellie said...

Hi Monica, thanks for visiting my blog for Blogtoberfest. I came over to see what yours was all about and found bookbinding! I had no idea you could get a Girl Guide badge in book binding - how awesome is that! I used to work as a conservation librarian for a while so we did a little book binding and when I was a student and I've always fancied doing more of it. Having a good read now...

Kathryn Hansen said...

ohhhh..yay!! Thanks SO much Monica!!

your giveaway question made me realize that i just go onto the next thing, not stopping to celebrate or appreciate achieving some of my goals...thanks so much for the reminder to stop, take a breath and appreciate!!!