Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cleaning and Clearing - Art Supplies & Books...

Hello Dear Blog Readers! I meant to post yesterday but decided to take a rest for Labor Day instead ;) I'll be announcing the winner of last weeks giveaway and announcing the giveaway for this week at the end of the post so read on, won't you...?

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I've been a busy bee working on several things at once, such as working on last weeks giveaway item, the "Reflecting Mirror", a collage piece that was inspired by my participation in "Face Value: Mirror Portraits" a photography project by local photographer Juan Luis Garcia. Here is a shot of how the mirror collage has turned out...

I've also been sewing some garments for a very special client. This is what my sewing table has been looking like while making patterns...

And these are the lovely fabrics I get to work with...

One of the fun things about working with clients that have such great taste in fabric is that I get fabulous scraps to play with when the project is over! You can bet some of these fabrics will work their way into my Fabric Scrap Book in due time.

One thing I have not had much time to do is cleaning and clearing in my home, which is one of my big on-going projects. Though I haven't had much time to do a lot of cleaning and clearing, I have been picking my way through many of my books, including my craft books:

You may not be able to tell from this photo but there are stacks of boxes filled with books under my sewing table - they're hiding behind the two boxes you can actually see!

It's not always easy for me to part with books since I love them so much! But sometimes I like trading in books I no longer need or use in order to get more books that I can use ;)

A vintage metal bookcase I acquired at a local flea market this summer - a mix of art and craft books with a few vintage tins from my collection, topped with a tool box filled with...what else? My art tools!

Besides going through my craft books, I've been slowly organizing my art supplies in the many vintage tins I've been collecting since last summer for this purpose.  I've also been going through my many, many supplies in the course of all the organizing and I am finding that I have quite a lot of supplies that I won't be using in the near future, if at all...

Some of the vintage tins from my collection are housing supplies like paints, pens, color pencils, washi tape, ink stamps and scraps of vintage lace

Some of the supplies I've been going through are my collection of rubber stamps. Though I think I have a lot of rubber stamps, I've met other artists that have far more than I do! Here is a peek at how I am currently organizing my rubber stamp collection...yes, that is a vintage letterpress/typesetting drawer you see there! Don't be jealous ;)

A vintage letterpress/typesetting drawer holds contemporary rubber stamps while a vintage rubber stamp stand holds old-school handled rubber stamps I've had specially made for my use

This plastic rubber stamp bin sits atop a small wood cabinet filled with ink pads large and small...and a few more rubber stamp sets!

As with my books, it's hard to part with fun art supplies, until I realize that if I let go of things I no longer need or want, it will make room for supplies I'd love to work with...and there are always new supplies I hear about that I want to work with!

Of course, I also realized that the best way to let go of these things is to give them away to my creative blog readers!! And that is what I will do...

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Now for the winner of last weeks giveaway...there were a few comments from last week and two of them addressed the theme about what you see when you look in the mirror. It was hard to decide but this week's winner is Heidi from the blog "As I Journal thru Life"! Heidi will also receive an extra goodie for joining the "Tribe of Creative Kindred Spirits". Congratulations to Heidi on winning the "Reflecting Mirror" =-)

And now for today's giveaway!

This week I'm giving away a craft book and supplies...based on rubber stamps!

I'm giving away the book "Stamp Artistry" which is written by Rice Freeman-Zachary*. It's a great book filled with some fantastic craft projects that utilize rubber stamps. Of course, it's no fun to have a book about rubber stamping if you don't have any rubber stamps, so I'm giving away some of my rubber stamps to go with this great book...

Rubber stamps for your creative use...

You can use these rubber stamps for the craft projects in the book or use them for your own creative projects such card making or scrap-booking. How you choose to use the rubber stamps can be as limitless as your imagination! How can you win this bundle of creative goodness? Read on...

Rules for entering the giveaway...

The giveaway is open to all readers from near or far
You must leave a comment to enter the giveaway
Your comment will be about what some of your favorite creative supplies are
Comments will close at 12pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday September 7
The winner will be announced at the end of the next blog post...which will be in approximately one week

OH! And if you want a bonus surprise goodie, follow my blog and let me know you have joined the "Tribe Of Creative Kindred Spirits"! 

Thanks for stopping by and for reading my blog! Good luck to all who enter the giveaway!

* - I was unsure of how to add the double dots over Rice's name (which is apparently called an 'umlaut') - my apologies for the omission!


humel said...

I AM jealous!! You have some lovely storage, my friend :)

I've been doing some decluttering, sorting, organising and deep cleaning this week... So far I've done the kitchen and our bedroom, which is a great start, but oh boy do I have a long way to go!

This giveaway looks great, how lovely and generous you are.... (But I already knew that! My hummingbird glass tile is on proud display in the dining room, by the way!)

I'm not completely sure what my fave craft supplies are - I love my stamps; I love patterned paper; I have some favoured punches, such as my Martha Stewart butterfly, my cute labels, my scalloped circle... But I think it's probably my collection of paint that tops the list, I have lots of different colours and finishes, and I really enjoy playing with them to get different effects :)

But hey, ask me again next week and who knows what my answer will be by then?!

Laura Ludwig Hamor said...

YaY you on the de-cluttering!

My favorite supplies... paint brushes (especially the old worn out ones) and my light table (which was a gift from a friend).

Karen Wallace said...

Nice storage and clearing work going on. One of the two books that you sent me went to a ten year old girl who is filling the book with her poetry. Her best friend died last year and she is working through some of that grief with her poems. So thank you for the lovely book. Hugs

The Creative Beast said...

Karen, thank you for letting me know that the notebooks are being put to SUCH GOOD USE!! I love that you share stories of ART being used to HEAL and you are doing some amazing healing work =-)