Monday, August 20, 2012

Selling at an Outdoor Event...During a Heat Wave!

Hello Dear Blog Readers! The winner of last weeks giveaway will be announced at the end of this blog post along with the giveaway for this week, so keep reading...

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I've had quite a few projects on my plate in the past few weeks and selling at a special event was recently one of them...

I was invited by a lovely lady that I met through the workshops conducted by my Life Coach Pete to participate in a special event she was hosting called NestFest. It was a weekend long event of yoga, healing arts and visual arts. She invited me to sell my creative goods and have some of my work on display. I decided I would participate, even though I would be outdoors in 100+ weather. I decided to be at the event for one day only since I already had many other projects to work on and being at this event for 4 days was too long and also too hot!

For awhile now, I have slowly been making some mail art envelopes to sell in my Etsy shop and I decided to make up a few more. These mail art envelopes are made from scanned prints of my art journal pages or made from print outs of my own original photography. I like they way they look when made and I will have them listed in my Etsy shop soon.

I decided I would make up a few collage cover notebooks like ones I've made and given away here at my blog. Here are the three notebooks I managed to generate in time for the event...

I call this notebook "Butterfly Dreams" and it is now available for sale in my Etsy shop!

Due to the nature of this event, I wanted to use some meaningful words for my notebooks and "Intent" was one that came to mind...this notebook is also available for sale!

I decided to use a favorite quote that reflected the vibe of NestFest for one of the notebooks. Needless to say the colors and quote made for a great item and this notebook was sold that afternoon!

I also played with display ideas and I came up with some fun ways to display my goods for sale. Here is how my display looked on the day I was at NestFest:

 I was rather excited that I managed to put this display together (the day before event no less!) using elements I have in my home. The table is one that belonged to my grandmother. It is a little beat up so I may add some colorful paint and collage to continue using it for other selling opportunities in the future...

The little drawer makes for a handy display shelf for items of various sizes...

A vintage record holder belonging to my grandmother makes a great display for mail art envelopes and a rusty wire basket holds smaller mail art envelopes that contain a plain white note card inside each one...

This little bird bath was found at a local discount department store - I knew it would make a great business card holder one day and it does!

A vintage magazine rack creates more tiered shelving to hold one special event 'party hat' made by yours truly, two traditional bound books, three altered art books, as well as an old cigar box containing several inspirational quotes. I encouraged everyone to take a quote home and many folks did!

Another table, provided by the hostess, held the display of my art journals, altered books and art postcards

I had many of my personal art books to display and I got some great feedback on my work! Many attendees who walked by the table to get to the yoga workshops came back to check out my work and go through my art journals. It was fun talking about my books and my art process and seeing the enthusiasm from people who are not familiar with art journals...It sure did spark some excitement!

I also had a sign up list and got three emails from folks who want to hear about any events I do in the future...guess I'll have to start working on creating a newsletter soon! Despite the dreadful heat, I met some wonderful people, made a few small sales and had the opportunity to have my work seen by people who could be potential customers OR students in the future. I am glad I participated in the event!

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Now for the winner of the last giveaway...once again there were only two comments, however, only one of them followed the rules by commenting on whether they make art in Nature or indoors so the winner is Kathryn Hansen of Art Blog By Kat! Congratulations Kat! I'll be in touch to verify your address...

And now for today's giveaway!

I will make the winner a collage covered notebook using the colors and meaningful word of their choice! It is a fun notebook with pages of paper that are lined on one side and graph on the other. You can get an idea of how the paper looks if you check out the listings in my Etsy shop, along with how I also collage the backs of the notebooks so it is a cohesive design. However, the book label will be similar to the label I have used on previous collage notebook giveaways like this one, since the notebook will be a 'commissioned art' notebook. Just think, you'll receive a unique altered book made especially for YOU! Please note that it will be up to two weeks for the notebook to made, then mailed.

Rules for entering the giveaway...

The giveaway is open to all readers from near or far
You must leave a comment to enter
Your comment will be about a word that has special meaning for you and what it means to you*
Comments will close at 12pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday August 24
The winner will be announced at the end of the next blog post...which will be in approximately one week

OH! And if you want a bonus surprise goodie, follow my blog and let me know you have joined the "Tribe Of Creative Kindred Spirits"! 

Thanks for stopping by and for reading my blog! Good luck to all who enter the giveaway!

* - I will request the colors to make up the notebook from the winner when they are chosen =-)


Kathryn Hansen said...

your display looked really awesome Monica! seriously...very creative!! i know you will sell even more...just wait till the holidays come, your art will fly out your door!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,
Having a unique display is so important - good luck with all your ideas!
My special word is heal - this year has been all about using art and creativity to heal. Heal is such a comforting word - I am healed, I am whole.
Thanks, Deanna

Anonymous said...

Love the display! The heat waves were crazy this year. My air conditioner broke during a heat wave and not having air conditioning in Fort Myers is unheard of. I don't think I did anything outdoors during any heat wave this summer. :( Hopefully it wont be so bad next year.