Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Shorts - REAL Opera!

Hello Dear Blog Readers! After the animated short about opera I shared last week, I thought that today I would share a favorite snippet of a favorite opera, one that you might actually know...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an amazing composer of music and of operas and "The Magic Flute" is one of his most beloved operas. If you have an opportunity to locate a copy of the production* from the New York Met designed by Julie Taymor, I HIGHLY recommend watching it - It is whimsical and fantastic to see!

The well known aria from this beloved opera is sung by the character "The Queen of the Night". I have heard a few versions of this aria and seen the NY Met production, however I was quite amazed when I found this clip of Diana Damrau in a production at Covent Garden. Ms. Damrau is a powerful singer in this aria and it is truly thrilling to listen to her and to watch her very strong performance as Queen of the Night.

(I will not get into the particulars of the character, but suffice to say the Queen of the Night is not very nice!)

This video clip looks wonderful in it's clarity but the sound is not as loud as it should be, so make sure you turn up the volume a level or two to FEEL the full force of Diana Damrau singing this well known aria!

Sunday Shorts Presents Diana Damrau as "Queen of the Night" in "The Magic Flute"

* - Sadly, copies of this production could not be found at the PBS website but you can find it at Amazon, where you can also find the dvd of Ms. Damrau in the Covent Garden production, which I'm definitely putting on my wish list!

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SueAnn Lommler said...

What a powerful performance!!
Thanks for sharing