Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marvels and Magic in Photography...

I finally went to see an exhibit that had been piquing my interest with banners all over town and I saw it on the very last day it was open. All I can say is...


"Digital Darkroom" was an amazing exhibit held at The Annenberg Space for Photography, which I had not visited before. I'm so glad I did...

The Annenberg Space for Photography located in the business center of Century City

I am still absorbing the impact this photography exhibit had on me. It was filled with so many images that were:

imbued with story
mystical and magical and mysterious
gorgeous and luscious

There was photography created digitally and photography created using old-school darkroom techniques. There was 3-d photography in color and 3-d photography in black and white. There was an amazing documentary film being shown in the main room with the contributing photographers discussing their work and their process.

This film took my breath away as I heard each photographer tell the story of how they came to do the work they are now creating, using tools that had not been available until fairly recently, with one of the artists waiting for 25 years until the technology came along to help him create his work! And to see how computer technology has changed the face of photography was mind blowing for me...as well as inspiring to see how digital images are now being embraced by the art community at large in ways they weren't just a few years ago.

I've known how much technology has changed the face of so many things, including how we live our lives, but to see the story of technology in photography play out was eye opening. And seeing the amount of work these artists put into their digital photographs is an inspiration, as they often put hours and hours into creating one amazing image.

There was also a shorter documentary about the 3-d photography artists in another room of the exhibit and it was so fascinating to see how these artists create their work in 3 dimensions and to learn about the history of 3-dimensional photography from the stereograph viewer to 3-dimensional cameras.

There were a total of 17 artists sharing their work in this exhibit, but here are the artists that stood out for me:

                   Maggie Taylor 
                                     Pierre Beteille
                                                        Brooke Shaden
                                                                            Bonny Pierce Lhotka
                                                                                                          Christopher Schneberger

And here are some thoughts from some of the artists that resonated with me:

" I want to be able to respond authentically to the things I see" - Jerry Uelsmann

" I just create images that resonate with me and if I have a hidden agenda, that is to amaze myself" - Jerry Uelsmann

"I think that the people who want to express themselves will find a way no matter what" - Brooke Shaden

My dear boyfriend came along with me on this field trip, which I thought he might enjoy as he studied photography in college. I'm glad to say he enjoyed every minute we spent in the exhibit and I think we will be going back for the next exhibit...

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I do not know if this exhibit is going to be shown anywhere else, but here are some links to replicate the exhibit in your own home from your computer:

To see the digital artwork that was in the exhibit, check out this gallery link; you can view the 3-dimensional artwork gallery with this link, but you will need to have 3-D glasses to view it with.

You can check out this link to watch the video about the artists in the exhibit "Digital Darkroom" - it lasts 25 minutes and 32 seconds, so be sure to have a cup of tea or coffee with you!

And you can watch a 2-dimensional version of the documentary about the 3-dimensional photo artists in the exhibit - it lasts 14 minutes, 27 seconds. Some of the 3-dimensional work is lost in this video but if you have 3-d glasses at home, try watching the 3-d video about 3-d artists with this link!

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SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh how fascinating! I too would have loved to see this exhibit. Sigh!!
I hope it travels around the country.
Thanks for sharing everything.