Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Workshop With Orly - "On the Edge"...

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
Sorry I've been a bit quiet last week - my dear boyfriend had a death in the family and it was long week dealing with funeral arrangements and spending time with his grieving grandmother...her husband of 69 years (!) passed away at the age of 93, a few weeks before his 94 birthday...

We can only hope to live so long!

I'd also like to apologize for any confusion with some of my blog posts - it seems Blogger made some changes to the system and it was not the best week for me to try to learn a new blogging system set-up! I had a few Sunday Shorts posts set to go, but they didn't register in the new system so as I tried to get it sorted out, they seem to be posting with strange dates on them!

It was a challenging week to say the least but I was happy to support my boyfriend and his adorable grandmother in their time of grief. However, one can be supportive for so long until one needs a respite of one's own. Luckily for me, Orly had a workshop on Saturday, which was a much needed break from the challenges of the previous week...

The workshop was titled "On the Edge" which was a bit apt for me upon arrival! It was different from our usual workshops in that we did NOT create in our journals, but created a series of postcards using cereal boxes, which was a nice recycling project considering it was Earth Day weekend as well.

Here are some shots I took as I went along in the workshop - BEWARE! There is some strong language used in one of my finished postcards that is not meant for young children!!

Creating a background or "wall" for our postcards using found street papers and paint. The postcards would have a 'grafitti' feel to them when completed...

A detail shot to illustrate the areas that were sanded to create texture...

A batch of 4"x6"cut postcards to work with - only four would be completed with the other four to be worked with at home

We had been asked by Orly to bring some black and white photocopies of ourselves to use. This postcard is the one I chose to use with my image of myself...

The image of myself I used with the one being glued to the postcard to create an image transfer. This photo was shot by dear boyfriend - no wonder my smile is so happy! ;)

Of course there was delicious food for our lunch, accompanied with fun and thoughtful conversation with like-minded souls...

Salad, rice with lentils and mushrooms, along with empanadas of spinach, chicken and beef - YUMMY!

After lunch we continued with our postcards. Orly gave us some thoughtful and light-hearted prompts to work with for 4 of the postcards we created. Here are my completed postcards - remember there is some strong language used in one of them!

Top Left: "My Lover" with my image transfer - I love how it turned out!
Top Right: "I keep repeating myself" -  I like the colors in this card a lot
Bottom Left: "This Little Piggy..." - If you click to see a larger image, you will see some strong language for the 'little piggy' near the bottom of the page!
Bottom Right: "I've created a monster..." - I'm not good at making scary monsters so mine has an anime feel. Someone thought my monster looked a bit like Pokemon! Okay, maybe a pissed off Pokemon ;)

And these are the cards I will work with at home...as you can see I have already started another image transfer on the bottom right postcard!

It was strange to not have my art journal with me but it was a lot of fun to recycle an old cereal box to create some mail art postcards, though I may scan these to print on cardstock for mailing. I'm pretty sure the texture of these cards will not go through the USPS system easily!

***   ***   ***

In Other News:
I'm taking a break from blogging for a little while. I'm a bit frazzled after the challenges of a funeral and system changes to Blogger all in the same week! I still have a few more Sunday Shorts posts for your enjoyment and they should now be posting at the times scheduled. I think this is a good time for me to take a "Spring Break" of my own and spend time with good friends and making art-full things for myself.

I may be out for a few weeks, but then again, I may return sooner than expected. In the meantime, you be sure to take a few moments to smell the flowers and to drink in beauty!

And remember to keep creating!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Love the graffiti feel to the post cards. What a great idea!
So sorry to hear of her loss of a mate after all those years. That is tough.
Be well dear one.

Kathryn Hansen said...

i did this years and years ago...so much fun...your postcards turned out great!

best wishes to your boyfriend and his grandmother...amazing how long they were together!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Monica, encompassing life and art. Love how you take pix of the process, not just the "pictures" in the end...hope you'll join us in May...when we'll go back to our beloved journal.

Brian Kasstle said...

I love the cards you created. I am turning mine into a little book.