Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Shorts Returns With an Animated Film Favorite!

I've been dying to return to my Sunday Shorts, especially since I've located some favorite animated short films from my days attending animation festivals hosted by a duo called Spike and Mike back in the 1990's...

I thought I'd start with this animated short as it utilizes the use of a vintage typewriter and as you and I now know, I do love vintage things!

I was also struck by the sounds created in this animated film, which is an excerpt from a poem called "Ursonate - Sonata in Primitive Sounds" by Kurt Schwitters. Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought this short film would be a fun way to get back to Sunday Shorts and to celebrate the art of poetry as well =-)

So without further ado, Sunday Shorts Presents for your enjoyment, the animated short film "Primiti Too Taa"!

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