Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting to Know Myself Better Continued...

Hello Dear Blog Readers! I am back to continue sharing some things I've been learning about myself in the past few months and it has been a great journey of self discovery, which also jump started some creative inspiration... 

As I mentioned in my previous post, knowing what my values and passions are helps me to focus on the things that matter to me the most, like BOOKS, ART and FRIENDS. When I saw that BOOKS came up as an answer in nearly every question, I thought I should take a closer look into that category so I made myself a special list to write out what I love about books so much...

My list of what and why I love books SO MUCH...after all, I do own quite a few of them!

Why do I love BOOKS??

INFORMATION - they provide knowledge
WORDS - they provide language and communication
STORIES - they provide shared experience
PICTURES - of places, things, environments
HISTORIES - of inspiring people

I own quite a few books and they are on many topics because I value KNOWLEDGE in many areas, such as human behavior, biographical history, art history and travel, not to mention my many, MANY craft books!

I love words and what can be communicated with them, especially since KNOWLEDGE is communicated through words, and even the etymology of a word can be fascinating...And I love stories of all kinds whether they be historical, biographical or mythological. It reminds me of a quote I once heard:

"People need stories more than bread itself - they teach us how to live and WHY"*

Books provide wonderful information and stories of how we live our lives, whether real or imagined and it is very inspiring to me. It amazes me that so much information can be packed into a page and enclosed in two hard covers and art journals and altered art books can impart just as much information as a written book, though it is usually far more visual...

My second shabby scraps journal cover - I was so inspired I began to make TWO journals!

As I began to dig into what I loved about books, it began to inspire me to work on my journal cover for the shabby scraps ecourse I finally started working on, though I had paid for this ecourse last Spring. In fact, I was so inspired that I began TWO covers! You can see the start of the first cover in this post...

I also got inspired to view some videos by Teesha Moore on how to make a 16-page journal** and after watching them, I made a square shaped journal:

It measures 6" by 6" square and here is an exploded view of my little journal:

I haven't worked in this little journal yet, but I will and I'll share it here with you =-)

Knowing my passions and values has really helped me to focus more on what brings me joy in my life and it helps me to focus on seeing opportunities to bring more of that joy. In fact, it helped me manifest a great opportunity that hones in on my love of bookmaking and includes one of my other skills - sewing. It also helps me put a part of my mission into action:

"to share and ENCOURAGE creativity with others in a heartfelt and meaningful way..."

This opportunity is a great way for me share what I know with others, which is usually better known as TEACHING...

I'm going to teach a workshop on book making using fabric as pages =-)

This opportunity is still in the works, but I'm hoping the workshop will take place soon. I'll share more details on how it came about in a future post so stay tuned!

* - This quote is from a movie called "Arabian Nights", which features the stories of Scheherazade, the ultimate storyteller!!

** - Many thanks to fellow art journaler Brian who told me about these easy to follow videos


Vickie said...

these are sisterly words to mine own heart. books, I do love thee so! books, family, friends, art and nature. teaching is so grand of an endevor - bravo to all teachers. the retreats look like such a joy and lovely time to be creative and nuture the spark into a flame. we must always remain true and aware. lovu virtually!

la outdoor movies said...

I love your blog!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Been really enjoying these posts Monica. It sounds like you are doing some really good soul work at the moment and I hope it brings lots of great things to your life my friend.

Brian Kasstle said...

Your welcome Monica! Enjoy making journals!