Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Art Pages in Stages...

Hello Dear Blog Readers! Thank you all for your comments and messages on my blog posts describing my experience with the abundance workshop hosted by my life coach Pete and life coach Wendie. If you have an opportunity to attend one of their future workshops, I highly recommend it! It can be difficult work but anything that can help us move through our fears is always highly worthwhile =-)

As I  mentioned in my previous blog post, I'll be sharing one of many art pages I have been working on in the past few weeks. I gave you a sneak peek before but here it is again:

This page is being created for my small art book* and here are the stages of this page as it has developed so far...

I've had that small red dry cleaning tag for quite some time now and I thought it might look good on this page. Here is a detail shot...

Then I thought I'd add this tiny element found among my numerous itty bitty scraps** of papers...

It is quite a tiny scrap of colorful paper!

Somehow, it felt as though this page needed something stronger added to it so I've been playing with this element...

This long strip of paper comes from a very large encyclopedia book I found at one of my favorite local thrift shops. It was just $5 and the pages are bigger than your regular sheet of copy paper which helps for making large art pages...I pulled out a few pages and then I tore some strips to play with on this page and on another page that you'll see here in future posts...

I don't have a picture yet of how this page has turned out but I'll share it here soon. In the meantime, here is something else I have begun to work on...

***   ***   ***
Last spring I bought the e-course created by Mary Ann Moss, "Remains of the Day - A Shabby Journal of Scraps" and I've only recently begun to work with it along with one of my knitting friends, who bought the course when I did so we could work on it together since she is not much of a sewer though she IS a creative beast in knitting and mosaic tile work!

Now, I mentioned in a previous blog post that I was hoping to sell some of my grandmothers things at a flea market recently. Sadly I did not make much money selling much of anything at the flea market, however I did find a few things for my artwork such as this wonderful jar of fabric scraps...

OMG - this jar was filled to BURSTING with scraps! They kept coming out like so many clowns from a VW car at the circus, just never ending!! ;)

As I began to dig through them, I realized they would be great for creating my shabby scrap book cover and here is how I have started it...

Numerous fabric scraps create a colorful 'mosaic' or patchwork design for my shabby scrap journal cover...

I know the course instructions call for something a little more spontaneous and scrap-like and a little less composed in design but when I saw so many little pinked edge fabric scraps revealed as I took them out of the jar an idea began to form in my mind of making a cover that had a 'patchwork quilt' feeling to it. I'll share more progress on this shabby scrap journal as I continue to construct it...

All this creativity was sparked by answering the questions posed in this video that I have been linking to in previous posts. It really did provide some great new self-knowledge and it verified things I knew that were simmering under the surface. I will share what I learned from this video soon, so stay tuned!

* - You can find pages from my small art book HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE...

** - I actually do keep many small and tiny scraps when I work because I actually manage to use them in my various collage works. Like my Grandma Betty, nothing is wasted in my home! ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Block I've Been Living In - Part Three

Hello Dear Blog Readers!
If you are back for more of my story of uncovering old negative blocks that I've been living in and with, then all I can say is WHEW! I was afraid I might have scared off some of you with my last post since it was a long one ;) Thanks for hanging in there with me and I'm glad to hear that some of you are finding things that resonate for YOU.

If you are just now tuning in, you can read the first post and the second post of this journey of self discovery...

***   ***   ***
At the end of my last blog post, one of the facilitators, Wendie, was realizing that I had fallen prey to the trap of "positive thinking"...

I mentioned in the last post that I am aware of the pitfalls of positive thinking and this awareness came to me while I was dealing with a highly negative situation of a bad job and work environment, and I knew that all the 'positive thinking' in the world wasn't going to make the actual situation improve in any way.  With an interesting incident and the help of my life coach Pete we came up with using "Stay Negative", a story which became a prominent page in my Office Art Book that I created at the office as a way to reclaim myself, and eventually became a personal tool for dealing with the feelings I had.

Yet I had fallen prey to the power of "positive thinking"...

During all the writing exercises in the third week of the workshop I expressed a lot of my anger and frustration at the power of money in my life and I expressed my resentment as well. Having that frustration and resentment was making it hard for me to:

"find ways to reconcile this force of money in society so I can have a better relationship to it"

...and yet I do have ways of looking at money positively: I spend it in ways that bring joy to myself and to others not to mention this realization:

"I am a hard worker who has always managed to earn money when I need it
 for the things I need it for
at the time I need them."

But at this point in the workshop it seems that "positive thinking" was a behavior that I had fallen into as a reaction to my beliefs about money.

After all the writing we had done, we had been given a form to look at so we could pinpoint any behaviors we might be acting out in relation to everything we had written and I had not found any behaviors that I could see myself acting on. This list seemed to need an addition as the list of 'tolerations' had needed the category of 'neighborhood' for me in the second week. The list was missing this word for me:


which really translates into


I mentioned that this word was missing on the list for me and this is when we all began a discussion about what we were actually trying to uncover at this point in the workshop. What we were trying to uncover was our underlying beliefs about ourselves that actually run just about everything we do...you know, like a "Mob Boss"! ;)

I once heard somewhere that all humans are looking for one of two things in Life:

Love or Respect

and as a consequence of those driving forces, our actions follow suit.

I learned that my underlying behavior and pitfall is that I do not believe I am worthy and it does come up in the smallest of ways, such as the times I am buying art supplies or books - I seem to always need to tell myself that I DESERVE these things - one of the participants pointed this out to me and they were quite right. I often DO have to talk myself into buying art supplies, books, or nice things for my home because underneath it all, I do not believe I deserve them =-(

Then there is the matter of the neighborhood I currently live in: it's becoming unsafe, there is litter or abandoned furniture on the sidewalk. This is not exactly making me feel like a super star...

And let's not forget the bad job where I was not paid what I was worth for the work and skills I had, THEN I had to 'tolerate' a pay cut due to "budget issues" as well as an isolating work environment - that DEFINITELY did NOT make me feel worthy of much...

In the course of our group discussion, we seem to have hit upon at least three basic underlying belief systems that generate our negative behaviors:

I'm unworthy
I'm not enough
I'm unlovable

That last underlying belief system is pretty universal I think!

I ventured to say that just about all underlying behaviors and beliefs would relate to that last one of being unlovable - how can one be loveable if one is not worthy or not enough???

That's my theory anyway...

So now I see why there was so much dissonance in much of my writing and why it began to feel as though I was doing the exercise wrong, though I wasn't doing anything wrong**.

Though I can look at my actual behaviors that are in fact positive, and though I can "logic" myself into thinking that I deserve many good things in my life, I have been unable to reconcile my physical behaviors with my underlying, unconscious belief that

"I am unworthy"

But now that I know the underlying belief system, I can work to change the belief and catch my heart up to my head!

This third workshop session was a hard one to work through and there was still more work to be done. The following week we did more writing - here is a sampling of what I wrote as I continued to work through my worthiness issues:

There is a repeat of the second and the third week as well as new issues that I finally wrote down:

I do not earn what I believe I am worth in jobs I've recently had
I live in a neighborhood that is no longer safe or secure
I do not feel I can charge high prices for the work I do
I do not think people will want to pay for the work I create

and most importantly:

I do not DESERVE to earn unlimited income

What I learned in the previous week was written on one whole page so I could take a good hard look at this underlying belief...
This is my "Mob Boss" talking!! He is one mean dude, isn't he?!?!?? ;)
This underlying belief keeps me counting my pennies, though I do have money for things I need when I need them. It keeps me from buying art supplies, which is something I need in my 'new line of work'. It keeps me from charging what I believe my creative work is worth...
But with the help of my life coach Pete and co-facilitator Wendie, I could look at this belief and see that it no longer serves me.
And now, I can take that phrase and turn it around!
I am WORTHY of unlimited income
Each participant was able to turn their personal issue into a personal and POWERFUL new affirmation to work with and I have worked with my new affirmation on a daily basis. I also discovered some other personally powerful affirmations that came out of my own writing:
I always have money for the things I need, when I need them, at the time I need them
which has morphed into:
The Universe always provides what I need, when I need it, at the time I need it, whether I believe I am worthy or not

and this last affirmation has been helpful because it has ALWAYS been true in my life and it helps me to remember that I am provided for in many ways, large and small:

  • I have a wonderful boyfriend who is loving and supportive
  • I have great circles of support with artist friends and art groups
  • I have a roof overhead, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear and food to eat
  • I have myriad skills to draw upon and I help many friends with these skills, friends who are HIGHLY appreciative of the help I offer!

I am not out of the woods by any means, but participating in this healing workshop really helped me to see some of the blocks I've been living in and it gave me some great tools to work through those blocks, which I will continue to do in the weeks and months to come...

***   ***   ***
Just around this time of participating in the workshop, I had discovered this great video for finding your purpose, and I linked to it in this blog post. I had made some time to sit down and work on the questions posed in this video and I knew right away that BOOKS would feature prominently in my answers. Working through the questions posed in this video was a great way to uncover what is most important to me in my life and it inspired a new batch of art pages for my art books, which I'll continue to share in the days to come, but here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite...

A page in a beginning stage...more peeks of it's development coming soon!

The video is a great example of the Universe providing what I need, when I need it, at the time I need it! It left me inspired to create quite a few things and I'll share them here in the weeks to come...and maybe I'll share my answers to the questions posed by this great video =-)

Thank you all for reading my story but while the workshop has ended, my work is far from over - I will be sure to share my challenges and triumphs as they come, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

* - Dear Kat - this worthiness thing goes WAY deeper than I imagined! I'm SO glad you are writing about it weekly!

** - Many thanks to Kat and SueAnn for backing up the idea that I was NOT doing the exercise wrong - it just had some interesting outcomes that I had not anticipated =-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Block I've Been Living In - Part Two

Hello dear blog readers! Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging comments and messages that you sent me. Looking at the negative blocks in one's life is difficult work and it's just as difficult to change the old patterns that go along with them, but I know that it can only bring JOY and GOODNESS on the other side =-)

In my previous post I began to share my experience of a workshop I participated in during the month of February and many difficult issues came to the surface during this workshop. Today I will continue my experience in this eye opening and challenging workshop, but I warn you - this is a LONG post, so you might want to make a cup of tea or coffee and settle in ;)

In the meantime, let me share what we received in the first week of workshop - in the first week all participants were given a notebook which I promptly covered with collage art:

This is the notebook that is filled with my writing during our writing exercises -  you will see glimpses from this notebook as I continue to share what transpired during the workshop.

We also did an exercise that first week to focus on a postive memory* and we shared with others what that memory meant for us. The words that resonated most strongly for each of us were used in a new name tag and my three words can be seen on the collaged cover I made for my notebook:

That "fearlessness" was going to come in handy in the third week of the workshop!

As I wrote in my last post, the second week of workshop had us all looking at the things we tolerate in our lives, which brought up my issues around money, since my 'tolerations' are related to my living space and the fact that I am unable to afford a nicer and safer neighborhood to live in.

In the third week of workshops, the session began with a series of questions we were asked and we wrote our answers in our notebooks. It was very quiet and rather intense as we answered some very simple yet provocative questions. In the end we were asked what we wanted to let go of in our lives and my worries about money were at the top of my list.

We were then asked another series of questions regarding the thing we wanted to let go of and we continued with more writing. Here are some samplings of what I wrote in my notebook about my "Worries About Money" which is something I no longer want in my life:

I know that I do not earn enough money to live COMFORTABLY in a nicer neighborhood
I know that I do not earn enough money because I do not have the level of 'education', ie. a four year degree
I know that much of the work I do or have done is not always highly valued

(Now, those last two statements are in regard to the work I had been doing at the non-profit, as an administrative assistant. I did not earn nearly as much as I deserved to earn because of the education requirements they had and I thought I was 'lucky' to have gotten that admin job because the requirements were not as stringent for my position...however, I was one of the brightest assistants, executive or otherwise, despite my lack of 'higher education', but that is because ART EDUCATION imparts so much critical thinking that many of my coworkers with higher degrees actually LACKED the much needed critical thinking that was needed for the job! Yes, I still have resentment about the old job and I'm working on releasing it since it no longer serves me!)

In my head I can "logic" myself into thinking that I do deserve to be highly paid for my skills, no matter what my education level is, but when faced with the reality of what is actually VALUED, it's hard to reconcile what I think (believe?) is highly valuable with what others think/believe is of value...

I think this is why we as artists have had so much trouble with believing we deserve to be artists - artists are not highly valued in mainstream society and it's really hard to reconcile who you ARE with what is acceptable =-(

Now, back to more writing on letting go of my "worries about money" and my feelings about money in my life:

"I feel tired from worrying about money all the time! I feel angry that money is such a focus of worth in society and a poor motivator to doing good in the world, ie. people do not "do good' if it's not rewarded with money"
...and finally:

I'm sure I'm not the only person who feel frustrated by a lack of money in their lives and I'm sure I won't be the last!

The next question that was asked in regard to my "worries about money" brought up some different things for me and as I wrote my answers down there was a different tone in my writing but I also began to have a dissonance within. Here is what I wrote:

In case you can not read it, here it is:

"I am a spender of money who enjoys buying things that make me happy and bring fun into my life: art supplies, clothes, books. I am also a saver of money to spend on things that have meaning for me such as art retreats and workshops. I am someone who loves to spend money choosing gifts for my friends and loved ones that I know they will love. I am a hard worker who has always managed to earn money when I need it, for the things I need it for, at the time I need them."

Let's look at that last sentence again shall we?

"I am a hard worker who has always managed to earn money when I need it
 for the things I need it for
at the time I need them."

Does that sound positive to you? It seemed positive to me and yet something nagged at me as I was writing that last paragraph. It nagged me so much that I literally began to think I was doing this exercise WRONG!

However, the facilitators of this workshop began the very first day with the statement: "No one get's to be wrong here"!

So how could I be doing this exercise wrong???!?

The final question we had to answer brought back my frustration around money:

"I wish money was not the primary means of exchange to have the necessities of life:
to have a home - to eat - to have clothes and shoes
I am finding ways to reconcile this force of money in society so I can have a better relationship to it".

Okay, make that frustration and RESENTMENT about money =-\

And all of this is bumping against the things that came up in the previous week, so I was not in a happy place at this point - I don't like the power of money in society and yet I need it for the most basic things in my life, not to mention needing it if I want to live in a nice and safe neighborhood...and on the other hand I seem to be able to use it positively in my life to have things that make me happy and to buy things that make others happy.

Yeah, the dissonance was making a strong presence at this point in the workshop!

Luckily, we were able to take a break at this point and I took a bathroom break and had a few cookies that were available...cookies always seem to make just about anything better!

When we returned to the room, we were then instructed to look at any behaviors that might stem from our beliefs but this seemed confusing to myself and to a few others in the workshop. I could not see "behaviors" per se, and I was still feeling dissonance about all that I had written. I finally asked if I could share everything I had written with the group and I read out loud everything I have shared here.

When I finished reading the statement:
"I am a hard worker who has always managed to earn money when I need it for the things I need it for at the time I need them."

...one of the participants claimed that I was now their hero! But I didn't feel like a hero...I felt confused and angry and I still felt as though I was doing the whole exercise wrong!

Then I read the last statements and it dawned on the facilitator Wendie that I had fallen into the trap of "positive thinking".

I know that positive thinking can often be a trap, but I didn't realize that I had fallen prey to it...
***   ***   ***

I will end today's post at this point and continue in my next post so you can have a break - if I was feeling the intensity of feelings while doing the writing exercises, I pretty sure you might be feeling some of the intensity too and a break is certainly in order!

Thank you so much for reading this far and I hope you found it interesting or eye opening! I'll share more next time so stay tuned!

* - I have shared an image of this positive memory before but I will share the image again and what it means to me soon...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Block I've Been Living In - Part One

I've been hinting at a workshop I recently participated in hosted by my life coach Pete and his co-facilitator Wendie, both of whom I have worked with in the past in previous workshops they have conducted for creating abundance in your life. They have been working on expanding the early workshops and in February they tested their new curriculum in a four week series and I was invited to be a test participant! It was very exciting to have been asked and I was looking forward to the series.

The first week was fun and light-hearted as we covered material that had been shared in the previous workshops but the second week brought some interesting things to the fore...

In the second week we worked through a list of things we tolerate in our lives and we examined how these 'tolerations' affect us in our daily lives, how they  take energy from us, energy that could be better used elsewhere.

We were given a list of things to check off, but I had to create a whole section that was not included - NEIGHBORHOOD. Let me elaborate on this...

Bit by bit the neighborhood (or "block" as we often call it here in the US) I have called home for more than 2 decades has been changing and not for the better. The things I 'tolerate' in my neighborhood on my block lately are:
  • hearing the sounds of 'house music' or hip hop well past midnight and loud enough to make the floor of my apartment vibrate
  • the smell of weed being smoked on a nightly basis, sometimes in daylight as I take my morning walk!
  • loud neighbors arguing up the block
  • occasional litter in the streets and on the sidewalks
  • abandoned furniture on the sidewalk until the city FINALLY arrives to take it away
  • young men hanging around on the street corners smoking cigarettes
  • police helicopters flying overhead almost weekly

It has been very hard for me to face the truth of how much this neighborhood has changed because it means that I have to face the truth of how it's time for me to leave this neighborhood...and I have been unable to think of that because it's an expense I've been unable to afford, which sets off my issue of money and not earning enough - strangely a block of a different nature and a block I've also lived in for a very long time!

Seeing how much I tolerate in the neighborhood I live in brought to mind an interesting definition of "tolerate" that I had read somewhere many years ago:

"Tolerating is half loving and half hating something and tolerating something is not an act of LOVE"

...and as we all know, LOVE opens more doors than it closes.

An open heart can open the doors for Joy and Goodness to come in...

I began to realize that tolerating my living situation has been a block that has kept me feeling stuck in a cycle - no money means I can not move into a home and neighborhood that I deserve to live in and despite the cleaning and clearing I've been doing to make my home a place of personal sanctuary, I still live in an ever-growing unsafe neighborhood. This point was driven home the very next day after that workshop as I had a convergence of screaming neighbors and flying helicopters happening for 15 minutes!

Sometimes messages from the Universe are not always nice ones and I got this message loud and clear - "its time to leave this neighborhood"!

Okay, Universe! I hear you! ;)

But before I can think of moving away from this neighborhood I know I have to figure out how to deal with my issues around money and the next workshop session would begin to show me some issues I didn't even know I had...

The third week of workshop brought up even more stuff I had to examine but before I could examine it, I had to make a discovery that had been lying under the surface for a very long time because I was hiding it under the guise of "Positive Thinking"...yes, "positive thinking" was becoming a NEGATIVE force in my life!

I'll share the third week workshop in my next post, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Busy Week Ahead...

Hello everyone! I've been pretty busy lately but I thought I'd share what I'm working on...

I'm still working on a batch of journal pages for my art books - here's a peek at a 'page stage':

I've added to this page since snapping this picture so I'll be sure to get some new pics to share of this one soon..in the meantime here is the backside of this page:

I'm a bit stuck on what to do with this page, but I know it will unfold in due time. Here are some beginning stages of a large page that will be cut into two pages. First up is Side One...

Some paint and spray ink with stencil painting in gold - this is a different color scheme than I usually work with and I like the look

...and here is Side Two of the large art page...

I cut this large page into two art book pages and continued work on them individually. I'll be sure to shoot some pictures of this page to share with you soon. I think they have been progressing nicely, if I do say so myself!

I've also been in communication with my life coach Pete and his workshop partner Wendie as I have been writing up a post or two to share my experience in the workshop I participated in through the month of February. I'm slowly moving through the difficulties of the discoveries I made and I do plan to share them with you all soon...

In the meantime, I'll be busy for the rest of today preparing to sell my grandmothers things at a flea market that takes place tomorrow! I have a friend who is selling vintage goods and she found out about the weekday flea market so we are sharing a space. I hope to sell off a lot of my grandmother's things so I can begin to reclaim my workspace. If you happen to be or know anyone in the Santa Clarita area, come on down and say hello! Here are some sweet figurines I'll be selling tomorrow:

 Sweet little vase figurines from the 1940's that were found hiding in my grandmothers closet

And there's this fabulous figurine I like to call "Mandarin Man":

He may seem imposing in this image but in person he is really fabulous!

I'm really hoping to sell off as much as possible at the flea market. Selling my grandmother's things through Etsy has brought in much needed extra cash, but it's slow going and storing these goods does take up much needed space that could be better used for storing the goods I want to create! But I've had some great luck in selling many creative supplies in my Creative Beast shop lately and that makes me feel very encouraged!

I am starting to see how the Universe really does provide for me, whether I believe I am worthy of it or not

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tree Art with Orly

I participated in Orly Avineri's recent workshop on Saturday titled "Tree Dress Up" and it was great fun as always. Here are the journal spreads I created...

The first spread begins...

...and it moved into this...I wasn't very happy with this spread at this point, but I knew I'd have a chance to make changes during the second half of the workshop. In the meantime, here are some detail shots of this spread:

I did like this side of the spread with the large tree shape silhouette and the few stenciled elements in it, but I knew it would change later in the workshop after the lunch break...

And of course there was tasty food for our lunch break with a heaping side of great conversation from my fellow art journalers!

I'm not the only person in Orly's workshops to photograph the spread of food on her table and we are starting to think of making a special art journal of the food served at these workshops!

 Can you imagine a whole book of food photos such as this?? =-)

Slowly we each returned to our art journals and began to create a second spread. My second spread began like this...

...then evolved into this...

I was using some of Orly's ink sprays this time around since she had spray colors that I do not, and I chose to add some of the ink sprays onto my previous spread and begin the changes to the spread to make it better...better for me anyway ;)

Then I started writing my personal tree stories onto the second spread and continued writing the story onto the first spread, per Orly's instructions. It might make a strange way to write and read a story, but it certainly makes for great visual details...

...small writing around the borders of the tree and the edges of the page adds dimension...

I'm a lot happier with this spread now and happy to be at Orly's table for art, food and thoughtful conversation with like minded artists!

I'll be sharing some new art pages I've been creating lately, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding Inspiration...

Recently I've been feeling inspired to make some art pages for the art books that I created at my first Artful Journey retreat*. Here is the process of ONE of the pages I was working on, because I've been making quite a few pages, which I'll share in the days to come...

This page is for my small artful journal that I have blogged about before**.  This is how the page began...

I used small scraps of cut papers and torn sheets from a vintage ledger and from a book on stenography. This layout looks a bit too linear for me so I thought a new element was needed...

I liked the look of this bird and the colors that would help to keep the page from being too monochrome, though I love sepia and aged colors. This bird was really anchoring the page, and rather heavily I might add, yet it still felt too linear, too symmetrical, so I tried adding a different bird instead...

This bird felt better for me. He is perched on a dainty branch and he is colorful enough to add some brightness to the page, but not too much brightness. The branch he sits upon seems to be growing organically out of the margin and lends a nice touch of dynamism, since the branch and the scrap of paper are 'growing' out in a diagonal line, which is the most dramatic and active of lines...and I might add is my favorite line to use!

The monochrome look of this page appealed to me but I wanted to soften it with a bit of a wash, so a little bit of white paint and little bit of water were applied, along with some smudging of spray ink around the edges...

I am quite happy with the way this page turned out and almost as happy at the way the other side turned out:

I wanted the other side of the page to somewhat match the tone of colors used on the previous page, so I layered some paint and spray inks on the background, applied rubber stamps of calligraphy text, and stenciled a design with teal inks. I like the overall look of this page, though I do wish I had used a lighter shade of teal for the stencil...oh well! We live and learn!!

Though it's hard to spot, I also added some gold inks using some sequin waste, a whole roll of which belonged to my grandmother. I also added bits of washi tape and a small scrap of paper that the bird came from...

I've been a busy art making bee lately ;)

***   ***   ***
I've been internally processing the work I did with my life coach throughout the month of February which I hinted at in these previous posts and it hasn't been easy. I've been reminding myself to go slow and not beat myself up over things that aren't getting done and I'm taking care of myself by making some art just for me. I will write about my experience in the workshop hosted by my life coach soon as I'm finally wrapping my head around some of the discoveries that were made.

One lucky coincidence during this time was finding this great video for finding your purpose. I went through the questions that were posed in this video and found some not-so-surprising themes come up and I've done a little bit of writing to delve into those patterns and their significance in my life, which I will also share with you all soon and don't worry - it's all GOOD! I have to say that working through the questions posed in this video has actually inspired the artwork I've been doing lately, such as the art page I shared here today =-)

I highly recommend watching the video and answering the questions posed in it - it just might inspire you to create something today!

Be sure to stay tuned this week as I share more art pages, as well as the pages created in Orly Avineri's workshop on the weekend. There's lots of juicy art coming up!

* - I'm so excited that the Artful Journey Retreat is returning in 2013!! Maybe I'll see you there?!?
** - You can see the pages for the small art journal here, here, here and here