Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I've been Up To...

Hello dear blog readers! Thank you for the comments on my last post and the great movie suggestions some of you left. I will be sure to put them on my (ever growing!) list of movies to watch =-)

It was a busy week last week made a little more busy by a visit from a dear old friend who doesn't usually come to hang out at my place, since I think* my place is a mess...or as my Wise Woman would call it, artful cluttered eye candy!

I spent a few hours trying to get the living room less cluttered and I think I may have succeeded. Here is an image of my living room cluttered with the boxes of Grandma Betty goods from last fall...

Boxes and boxes of my grandmother's things, piles of books and creative supplies - YIKES!

And here is how it looked by the time my friend came to visit:

Still a few piles of books, but no boxes...for now ;)

Having a tidy and cozy home has been one of my big projects that has fallen a bit by the wayside as I've started a schedule of 'work' to keep me focused and on track. Interestingly, housecleaning has not yet made it to the schedule!! But as one artist friend reminds me:

"I have a woman and an artist living in the same body - it's hard to keep a clean home with these two taking up the same space!"

And she is right - it IS hard to keep a clean home AND be a creative artist in the same space! And lately, art has been taking time in my daily schedule and some of it has been for me...

I've been scheduling time to work in my art journal so I could add color to the 'gifts' that were given to me in Orly's workshop from December. Here is how the spread looked back in December at the end of that workshop:

Each bubble had been created by a fellow classmate and they were all beautiful. Here is how they looked before color was added...

and here is how they are looking at this time:

More color will be added as time goes by and I will continue to share the progress I make on this journal spread. In the meantime, here is a peek at something** I was playing with last week:

 Elements coming together to create a necklace - this is the 'exploded view' of it so far...

I'm not quite sure how this will develop since I'm still in the brainstorming stage, but I'll be sure to share the process as it unfolds so stay tuned!

* - I still think my place could use (a lot!) more cleaning but I had to remind myself that it was ME my friend was coming to see, not my home!

** - many thanks to my Artful Journey friend Diana for giving me the gift of the 'insect pendant' she made =-)


Kathryn Hansen said...

i HAVE to print that quote out and put it up in my home...love it!!!

Diana said...

Love the journal, Monica! And I'm looking forward to what you do with the pendant - I like what you've assembled so far!

SueAnn said...

The journal...wowzers...so beautiful!

Karen Wallace said...

Beautiful work in your journal!!!! Hugs Karen