Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Art Journaling with Orly

Hello dear blog readers! Thank you for wonderful comments on my last post. I particularly enjoyed the comment from Kat about the 'house-cleaning' quote...maybe I should create some artwork around that quote to hang on your walls??!?! ;)

In the meantime, I've got more pages of my art journal to share with you today...

Orly Avineri held another wonderful art journal workshop last weekend and it was called "Coffee Tea Me". The theme was about hot drinks and the memories we have of them...

Tea and paint waiting for each of us at Orly's workshop....

Orly had instructed us to write out and bring a memory of a hot drink and I was having a bit of a challenge coming up with a memory. I did finally think of one and decided to write a haiku about it because it was the best way I could describe the experience of this particular hot drink*:

Steaming exotic spices
from a distant land
A savory memory

Unfortunately, my haiku does not follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable format, but a 7-5-7 one instead - OOPS!

However, it was fine for me to use in the workshop and that's what mattered =-)

Here is how my first journal spread evolved:

At one point we were instructed to choose three images to work with and these are the images I chose...

And this is how I worked with them:

The full spread above...detail shots are below...

Of course we had a delicious lunch, made for us by Orly - she really is quite the hostess!

What a FEAST!!!

We also had a special guest joining us in the workshop that day - Jill Berry, the author of "Personal Geographies"! We were able to purchase a copy of her book and she graciously signed them for us. She was a lovely lady and shared some of the most fascinating stories of her travels with us. Jill is quite the globe trekker and storyteller! I could have listened for hours...

However, there was a second journal spread to be made and here is how mine developed...

I began with the same techniques we started with but I decided to cut my images to collage them to the pages and I added some of the contents of the tea bags that were available for us to incorporate into our journal spreads however we chose to add them...

Can you see the grounds of tea on these pages?

and then I added the tea bag altogether...

I like to think that this is what the Tea Fairy looks like! ;)

It was a wonderful day of art, storytelling, delicious food and great company.  I really love being in Orly's workshops - it is an all sensory experience!

I had a lot of fun creating my journal spreads but I may decide to add some more elements or details to them in the weeks to come. You can be sure that I will certainly share the process with you, so stay tuned!

* - can anyone figure out the hot drink I wrote about??? =-)


Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Gorgeous artwork, Monica!
Isn't "Personal Georgraphies" fantastic?! Lucky you to meet the author.
Hey, I have it on good authority that 5-7-5 does not the haiku make. Yours is moving and vivid and definitely fits the bill.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.

SueAnn said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your art journal.
Looking forward to seeing more...!!!

Kathryn Hansen said...

all i can think of is Chai tea from India...?!!!