Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Thoughts on Storytelling...

I wasn't sure what I'd post for you this week though I've had a lot floating around in my head. However, I can say that storytelling has been coming up in the past week in the most interesting ways...

First, one of my old co-workers sent me a link to this blog post titled "Write What You Don't Know". One of things in this blog post that stood out for me was this quote:

The fact is, if the “real world” were made into a novel or film, it’d be the worst story ever told.

This quote makes me laugh as it is rather true! Real life can be boring in all the mundane details, which is something that is rarely shared on a blog. If I shared with you the boring details of the alterations I've been working on the past few weeks, it wouldn't make for very scintillating reading...

I've accomplished the repairs and alterations on 4 of the 5 items piled on my ironing board, which makes me happy but it doesn't exactly make for thrilling or inspired reading =-\

...and sharing the frustrating details of trying to photograph velvet ribbon or a textured fabric* to get the colors just right, it would probably put you to sleep...

Would you really want to read a blog post titled "The Trials and Tribulations of Photographing Velvet"?!?!? ;)

I am aware of the stories we share on the internet through blogs are self edited to some degree and often to a great degree. I am also aware that many stories we share are stories that may no longer serve us and we are always free to find a new story to tell about our selves.

This was brought home to me this weekend when I was watching a documentary on HBO called "Catfish" and you can find a trailer for it at THIS SITE.

Without giving away too much, I will say that, FOR ME, this documentary was a fascinating and ultimately sad story about how someone will create a story about themselves because they have cut off a necessary need to create art. I highly recommend watching this documentary - it does touch upon internet identity but I saw a deeper story about the need to CREATE in this documentary, and you know I'm all about creativity...and when you do see it, get back to me and we'll talk =-)

***   ***   ***
Living so close to "Tinseltown" it might be surprising that I do not talk about movies very often on this blog, though I have meant to. Movies are a wonderful form of storytelling, when done right, and I enjoy going to them, as does my dear boyfriend. I also watch movies incessantly when working at home, as well as watching costume dramas by the BBC. Today, let me share two films that we saw that are (not surprisingly!) up for award nominations...

My dear boyfriend and I saw this beautiful film for his birthday and we both loved it. It was magical and moving and it touches upon the early beginnings of film making, which we might not have today if it were not for a gentleman by the name of Georges Melies, who was a pioneer in this amazing form of storytelling. Though Martin Scorsese** is not known for childrens material, I know he is capable of beautiful and lush scenery as evidenced in his film "The Age of Innocence", so I knew I'd be in for a visual feast and I was not disappointed!

This is one film that I will need to add to my collection of period/costume dramas, not to mention part of my collection of 'childrens films'.

My dear boyfriend and I saw this adorable film after it won the Golden Globe for Best Picture. We had been hearing about this film so we finally ran out to see it. It was a charming film about a time in film history when studios were making the shift from silent films to talkies. It could also be seen as a parable of what happens when one is resistant to change... ;) There are great Art Deco sets and wonderful costumes of a period that is dear to my heart, the 'roaring twenties'. And there is one special "actor" that practically steals the whole movie!

I am not at all surprised that both of these movies are vying for the coveted Academy Award. I have long known that Hollywood loves nothing more than to see itself reflected in the movies and it votes accordingly! Having seen both films, I must say that I want to see "Hugo" win for best picture. For me this film was more about the power of storytelling and how it can connect us through generations. "The Artist" was charming and sweet, a "valentine" to a period of film making history and though it had some lessons to be learned, it was not quite as powerful as "Hugo".

I am someone who is always looking for a good story no matter what form it takes: books, theater, dance, performance art, film, animation. I think this quote from the film "Arabian Nights" (which is a movie that is ALL about storytelling!) really says it best for me:

People need stories, more than bread itself. They teach us how to live and why.

Do you go to the movies to find truths, morals or parables in the stories? If so, which ones are your favorites?? I'd love to hear about them and see them for myself if I haven't already =-)

* - the fabrics I was trying to photograph can now been seen as scarves in my Etsy shop!
** - I love that I share the same birthday as Mr. Scorsese!! Though not the same year! ;)


Kathryn Hansen said...

i saw catfish a long time ago..really liked it as i was deeply fascinated by the world(lies) that woman created because of hard her "real" life was!

haven't seen the two movies you mentioned but high on my list...but i just absolutely loved the Help...both the book and movie...both moved me very much!

SueAnn said...

Hugo is definitely on my must see list.
Many movies have moved me...all in different ways.
King of Hearts
Evita Bella
and the list goes on

Karen Wallace said...

Loved this post. I am studying with Russell Delman and he talks about "talking-listening.' He calls it embodied talking and stresses that we need to be present and mindful of what stories we are telling. When meeting someone new, instead of telling the 'same old stories' I am pausing more and staying present with what stories I choice to tell about myself. Thanks for the movie, reviews maybe I can slip away this weekend to see one. Hugs Karen

Becoming Dr Doc said...

I laughed out loud reading the first part of this post!

Last year I had a great idea to tell of ordinary daily moments in photos. I only did 2 and I think I got bored!

Anyway, this year I am aiming to tell more stories with my camera, so I just may resurrect this idea, who knows