Monday, January 2, 2012

A Different Review for 2012 - How my Life Looks Today

Since I've been reviewing my Kwanzaa posts of last year, it's got me thinking of other things in my life and how things look now, compared to a year ago or even 6 months ago...

My last day of working in an office was on June 30 2011, and my life looked very different while in that job than it does today. Here are some changes in my life that have been very much for the better since leaving the office workplace:

I no longer work in an isolating environment!
Though I am alone much of the day, as I was in the office, I'm in a far more inviting environment at home and I have lots to keep me busy. I can have favorite movies playing in the background or listen to music I really enjoy instead of settling on music everyone can 'tolerate'. I also eat my lunch in cozier surroundings...

Though this love seat may not be in my home much longer, it is a cozy spot for nibbling, knitting, dreaming of the future and the occasional nap ;)

I can socialize with my friends!
When I was working in the office, I kept my cell phone off during work hours. I'm a bit old fashioned that way - I thought I should be focusing on the work I'm being 'paid' to do, not personal business. But now that my time is my own, I have my cell phone on all day in case friends call while I'm at home or while running errands. It allows me time for 'catch up chats' or planning get-togethers, both of which happen more often now that my time is my own =-)

I eat better!
I used to bring frozen lunches to the office since it was easier to cart a frozen meal for my one hour drive to work than to keep fresh food cool enough in a lunch pack. I would bring packets of oatmeal and trail mix in the winter for breakfast and hard boiled eggs in the summer since they were easy to transport without spoiling. Today, I can make my favorite breakfast of eggs however I want to eat them: scrambled, omlette, or over-easy. I can make Cream of Wheat, which is a favorite breakfast in cold weather, but I couldn't make it at the office and the instant kind is not very tasty. I would also indulge in a daily bag of chips and a soda during my work day, which is not a healthy snack...

A recent breakfast of scrambled eggs with sprinkling of dill and a slice of whole grain toast - YUM!

I love a fresh home-made sandwich, but the time it took make one made it a problem for my morning routine before the morning drive. Now that I no longer have to drive to work, I can make a nice fresh sandwich at home for my lunch and I love it! And I've cut the daily soda and chips to an occasional indulgence and make iced tea to drink instead. OH! I really love preparing my meals at home these days!

I am in better health!
Before the office moved to the remote location, I would take walks in the mornings before getting ready for work. That stopped when my daily commute became an hour long and that was just one way! I would occasionally make some time for a stroll at the office and I would always walk to the local post office to ship my Grandma Betty orders, but I really prefer to start my day with a long walk and now I do. I also walk to my local post office near my home so I often have two walks in my day! It feels great to return to this favorite routine and I have even lost a few pounds from all my walking and eating healthier foods, instead of highly processed ones...

I read more!
Since I am trying to keep from bringing more things into my home, this also goes for books (despite my love for them!), so I've gotten back into the habit of using my local library to read many of the books I've had on my reading list for a few years now. Luckily, my local library is on the same block as my post office so my walks to the post office extend to the library where I also borrow videos and watch movies my dear boyfriend might not be interested in watching with me, like "chick flicks" ;)

I'm free to create whatever I want, whenever I want!
When I was working in an office, I was limited to what I could create - I would sometimes do some collage work, there was my Office Art Book to work in, and of course I could blog, but I couldn't do my sewing at the office. These days I can play with my watercolor paints, sew on new projects or work on garments that need repair, as well as work on the cleaning and organization of my creative play-space. Here is a sewing project I began in the last days of 2011...

There are still some small details to be added to this top, but it's been great fun to create so far!

I really love having the freedom to create when and where I want in my life and I love how my life looks today compared to year ago.

***   ***   ***

I also look forward to doing more creating in the design of how I want my life to look in 2012 and beyond. I plan on using the worksheets provided by Susannah Conway on her blog. My blog buddy Tinniegirl linked to these worksheets and I like the questions and prompts that are provided. Thanks to Tinniegirl for pointing the way to some thoughtful reflection and planning!

I've also got some books from my local library to help me create a great new creative life: Art and Fear (thanks to Gwynnie for pointing out this book!), Creating a Life Worth Living, Fitting In Is Over-rated (many thanks to my Wise Woman for this recommendation!) and one I found at the Montrose Farmer's Market, The Accidental Masterpiece. I'll be sure to share what I've gleaned from these books in future posts...I suspect these books might have to become part of my personal library!

Today was the day of the Pasadena Rose Parade which I ALWAYS watch, each and every year. This year's theme was "Just Imagine" and I think it's a great sign of things to come for 2012.

I'm going to take a few days to imagine how my life will unfold in 2012, but I'll be back soon with updates on my cleaning/clearing at home, sewing projects and other creative endeavors so stay tuned!

What do you IMAGINE for yourself in 2012? I'd love to hear about it!


Kathryn Hansen said...

looks like your life has changed tremendously...the freedom must be just wonderful!! I'm super looking forward to 2012 and have been doing a lot of visioning of it these past few weeks!! I'm going to check out some of your recommendations! Happy New Year...hope it's everything you want and more!!

SueAnn said...

I imagine doing some large commissions this new year. This excites me for sure!!
May your New Year be filled with joy, peace and prosperity!!

Amelia said...

How very exciting Monica - sounds WONDERFUL and you deserve it! I too like working from home although my life always feels very hectic whatever I do!

Well done you for taking that leap and all those projects sound/look great.

Happy New Year - I always love you stopping by my blog :)