Friday, December 30, 2011

Purpose - A Review

I've been celebrating the principles of Kwanzaa which is an African American holiday celebrating important principles that strengthen community. I celebrated  these principles last year and this year I've been reviewing my hopes for how I hoped to incorporate those principles throughout 2011 so I can find ways to move forward in 2012...

Fifth night of Kwanzaa - Purpose
Nia (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness

Candles are lit for each night of Kwanzaa in a 'kinara' - this is my version of a kinara =-)

Then and Now:

This is how I hoped to approach the principle of "Purpose" in 2011:

One way I hope to contribute to building and developing our community is by finding ways to work with children and youth and to inspire a love of the arts, visual and performance. I hope to find a way to volunteer my skills to this end, which I think will help to build a strong community of more artists and I hope it will pave the way for the Arts to take their place of greatness in our culture once again...

I was not able to find a way to do work with children and youth in the arts, though I was able to donate some of my artwork to City Hearts, an organization that does the kind of work I thought of doing. I have been approached by one of the ladies of City Hearts to consider working with children and upon much reflection, I'm not sure I'm qualified to work with children; after my recent job with the non-profit after-school program, I've come to learn that many children need professionally trained and skilled teachers to work with them. However, I won't rule out working with children in the future. I just need to rethink the best approach that will be best for all involved =-)

What is your Purpose looking forward in 2011? What are some ways you can help to build and develop your community in your Life?

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