Monday, December 5, 2011

The Gift of Orly's Workshops

Hello dear blog readers! I'm still soaking up the energy from participating in Orly Avineri's last workshop for 2011, "The Gift Swap" - it was a wonderful afternoon of great art, great company and great food!

It was a small group for this workshop so we were able to move at a leisurely pace. We were instructed to "doodle" in each others art journals to give one another our gift of artwork. Here are the BEAUTIFUL gifts I received from my fellow art journalers:

This one was made by Orly herself - I love the woman peeking out amidst the swirls and shapes!

Do you see how we were influenced by each others starting points?

Do you also see the pattern of CIRCLES we began with??

Just look at all the detail of each piece - aren't they amazing?!!?! They are beautiful gifts, indeed =-)

Orly then had us choose some lovely bits of paper to work with and draw any shape we saw in them. We also had to find a way to incorporate the drawing with the existing work or make it a focal point. Here is how my journal spread began to evolve...

First evolution with inspirational papers

Second evolution - more detail is added

Of course we took a break for lunch with delicious foods set out in a most appetizing way...

More circle shapes....I think there was a theme for this day!! ;)

Before the workshop took place, we had been instructed by Orly to bring at least one journal to share with the others - sharing our "gifts" of art journaling. We ooohed and aaahed over each others art journals and got inspired by each other - what a gift!

We fell back to work to color in our journal pages however we wished - we could cover the 'gifts' or leave them as they were. I loved the 'gifts' my fellow art journalers gave me and I didn't want to cover over them, so I began to color them individually and fill in the background...

My journal spread by the end of workshop - I've added to it since then and I'll share that soon...

I got to learn how to use Caran D'Ache water soluable pencils brought by a workshop participant, which was another great gift - I'm hoping to get a set to use in future workshops, as well as at home. They are really fun to work with and produce lovely effects.

I've been adding color to my journal spread since I wanted to keep the gifts I received as they were and add color to them as though they were "coloring pages". It's been a long time since I did detail coloring work and this gift is a wonderful way to get back into that! I'll be using my fine point markers and a different set of color pencils that I own - Koh-I-Noor Woodless Color Pencils.

The wood-less pencils look great but they break easily without the wood covering to protect the leads. This workshop is the first time I actually began to work with my Koh-I-Noor wood-less pencils and I like the feel of them and the color they produce - I'll be sure to get some pictures of this set of color pencils to show you. In fact, I may just post about all the color pencil sets I own - I own a few sets!

This workshop was a wonderful gift for me in so many ways - it got me to use a set of color pencils that had been sitting around for a few years since I bought them! I got to see some art journaling friends before the end of 2011, as well as seeing and visiting with Orly in her lovely home, which inspires me as I continue my cleaning and clearing project. I got to look into other art journals that have inspired me to add to my own journals or they inspired some ideas for different projects altogether! It was also a gift to myself to honor my art, as a friend pointed out when I spoke to her about this workshop. It was a wonderful afternoon that I'll look back on as this year fades into a new year. Many thanks to Orly for her fabulous workshops! I'm looking forward to the new ones in 2012!

I'm off to do some more cleaning in my home as well as adding color to my journal spread. I'll be back to share pictures of both soon, so stay tuned!


Kathryn Hansen said...

love that concept of creating in each others journals! the evolution of the "doodles" is awesome!!

Diana said...

Wow! Those initial doodles look like Zentangles that have made a jail-break - I love 'em!

Cheryl said...

wow amazing idea and it looks absalutely fab x

SueAnn said...

Oh I love your journal work!! The drawings added by the other artists were fabulous! Loved seeing the evolution too!!