Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cooperative Economics - A Review

Tonight is the fourth night of Kwanzaa and the principle to be celebrated is Cooperative Economics. I'm reviewing how I hoped to approach the principles of Kwanzaa in 2011 to see how I can move forward in 2012.

Fourth night of Kwanzaa - Cooperative Economics
Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.

Then and Now:

Here is my list of how I hoped to incorporate Ujamaa in 2011 -
  • One way I hope to incorporate this principle is by supporting my fellow artists, through sharing about their amazing work, participating in e-courses or by purchasing their artwork.
  • There are also people I know that are self-employed in different trades, such as my Tax Man and I am happy to support his business! Maybe you know someone who has chosen to be self-employed that you can support? 
  • Another way I hope to incorporate this principle is by creating some wonderful items to sell in my own Etsy shop. I've got so many ideas of wonderful things to make, I just don't know how I'll have enough Time to make them! 
Here is what happened in 2011:
I can say that I managed to support small businesses on Etsy though they may not always have been art shops. I can also say that I did support artists through the interviews I created about them - it was a great way to showcase the work they do!

I'm still supporting my tax man and I like to think that I'm supporting small business by patronizing farmers markets for my produce...

While I did finally re-open my Etsy shop this year, I still have some improvement to make in creating more goods to sell, but selling supplies in my shop is one way to inspire creativity in others which goes back to my hopes from Self Determination =-)

What are some ways you can incorporate the principle of Cooperative Economics in your life for 2011??

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