Monday, November 21, 2011

Updates on Art and Cleaning...

I'd like to start my updates by sending out some belated thanks to the many blog buddies and friends who sent wonderful wishes to me for my birthday! It was a great day with a fabulous dress that I'll share with you in tomorrow's post - it is a pretty cool dress!

I haven't really had a chance to make much art since the holiday boutique. It's been a hectic week since I started focusing on doing some more cleaning/clearing in my home. I had hoped to make some sales at the boutique not just to make money, but to clear out the many goods belonging to my grandmother that takes up space in my home:

My living room as I prepared boxes of goods to sell at the boutique - sadly, it looks like this a LOT!

As I packed the goods into my car for selling, I saw more space open up and I got excited thinking that I might be making some serious headway on the cleaning front!

The living room area after the goods were packed into my car for selling - look at the open space!

I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when I returned with nearly as many boxes I had left with:

Boxes of goods and display items that were brought back...sigh!

I sorted through some of the goods and donated a few items that I didn't want to sell due to the weight and costs of shipping they would entail. That helped to make some room in my home and I remembered that I still had some goodies to pack for the giveaway winners. It was mostly paper goods since many of the winners were into mail art, but it helped to move out some extra supplies I wasn't using anymore and it gave me a chance for the one time I made some "art" in the week...Mail Art that is!

I still have one more packet of goods to mail off that I'll be working on this week and I'm determined to make time for making Art. I know it will be a great break to all the cleaning I've still got to do.

In the meantime I hope you check back in tomorrow and not just to see me in my fabulous birthday dress! I've got another post on lessons I'm learning as I continue on my path of becoming a self-sustaining self-employed Artist, so stay tuned!


Eddie Bluelights said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Monica. My you have been a busy gal - makes me quite out of breath - puff, puff ROFL. Looking forward to seeing you in your fabulous birthday dress. Hugs ~ Eddie

Vagirl said...

I received your beautiful packet and I love all the goodies you sent. They're awesome and perfect for letter writing and mail art. Thank you so much for your kindness!!!