Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Some Updates...

Today is the day I announce the winner of the Spooky Giveaway!

As you all know, I get out the special bowl to draw a name:

Then I put the names into the bowl:

And I draw a name...

However, today I've decided that everyone who left a comment wins the Spooky Giveaway! Each commenter was interested in a different craft and since the list was small, I'm going to put together goodies for each commenter for this giveaway - congratulations everyone!

Please be sure to send me an e-mail with your mailing address so I know where to send your goodies. I'll be working on putting together goods for each of you this week and sending off packages by next week. WOO HOO! Thank you all for entering!

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I've been busy this past week as I prepare for the holiday boutique taking place on Sunday, as well as squeezing in a bit of cleaning and clearing. On the cleaning front, I've been condensing some of my grandmother's things into fewer boxes where possible...

Two of those large boxes have been housing my shipping supplies for Grandma Betty's Legacy, but I've managed to organize ALL my shipping supplies into one box for easy access. YAY for easy access which makes shipping flow much faster now!

All shipping labels, thank you cards, business cards, tape, bubble wrap and filler paper in ONE box - YAY!

I've been trying to find a way to participate in Art Every Day Month, which I've actually managed to do. Here is the round-up of what I've done since last week:

My Weekly Round-up of Art Projects!

More faces I've colored for the project; I was finished with them by Tuesday...

Tuesday - Coloring Faces Swap Project

Wednesday - Cutting up T-shirts for scarves
I may not have a lot of recycled t-shirt scarves for the boutique, but I'm working through my collection of t-shirts I've bought for this use, which will make room for other projects in the future =-)

Thursday - Rubber stamping fabric to make small bags
I've had a project on the sidelines for a few months now and I'm starting to work on it for the boutique. A new set of small cards made from scans of pages from my small art journal. I rubber stamped onto muslin scraps that came from my grandmother's sewing room, which also uses up materials to make room for future projects. Here is a shot of the small cards after cutting them from the print-outs I made a few months ago (while still at the office!)...

Friday and Saturday - Art journaling with and for Orly Avineri
I attended Orly's workshop on Saturday "Make Do" and it was great fun as always! I'll share more pictures of what I created later this week.

I had asked to be part of a round robin journal Orly started and I had not worked on my spread all summer though I knew the theme of it. I finally worked on it Friday but forgot to take a picture of it!! DOH!

Sunday - working on "The Basics" Affirmation Cards
A completed set of cards as first seen here on my blog...

I've mentioned the first set of affirmation cards I've created in this blog post and I'm working on making a few of these for the boutique as well as the new cards. Sometime last year, I did organize this process into one storage bin to keep everything I use to make these cards in one place that could be easily transported, if necessary. This is what it looks like:

I love having a space for blank cards, made cards and the markers used to make them - so handy and helpful!

It feels great to get organized, even if it is slow going, but each little step inspires me to do more. Maybe I'll get my humble home tidy enough for a small holiday party this year! After all, anything is POSSIBLE! =-)


Kathryn Hansen said...

your cleaning and clearing is a great inspiration...i've not started yet!!keep reminding me!!

oneartistjournal said...

You are indeed a creative beast....Happy de-cluttering. It was AWESOME having you in class this last Saturday ALWAYS!! You have so many 'valuables' to share!!

Vagirl said...

Wow, that is so very generous of you, to let everyone be a winner. I'm so excited, thank you so much!
I love your creativity making all these awesome things!

Karen Wallace said...

Wow!!! How organized and creative! Beautiful photos. Hugs Karen